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  1. Wildlands is the Ghost Recon I've always wanted. I just miss the comradery of 16 player lobbies.
  2. I found an overpass to where I can drop down on it.. it's in the south east area near the Apache help.
  3. add me on Xbox one if you want to see. but I'm sure you will be there soon enough...👍 . another thing I have in mind is trying to jump the bullet train that crosses the wildlands at random times seems impossible but I already have a jump location just waiting for it to come through again.
  4. I got it... it's the load out!. thanks for the support rocky. I owe you one
  5. I had to go to main menu then back in to gain use of drone and sync shot.... but problems aside its awesome killing a helicopter with drone explosion.
  6. thanks for checking. what do you mean by weapons window? you mean the skill tree? if so it has no option to select or deselect. i also just noticed that the drone and sync shots must have a limited use on a compound attack.either that or it was bugged. I was unable to use either after several uses on one attack.... I'm not talking about the cool down period. the just disappeared.. I think this is a bug from the way it's acting..
  7. i unlocked the explosive first for my drone. to use the explosive you push in on the right stick. i then unlocked the emp. to use the emp it's the same controls push in on the right stick. my question is how do you select between the two? some how it's stuck on the emp.. land I can't figure how to cycle between these two. please help.. thanks
  8. How's this then... me and my friends are highly ###### it's only 4v4. and we personally feel that Ubisoft went to the dark side..
  9. I've played since island thunder. if you think it's about co op then fine just know that you're wrong. the government thing is a joke.. Get a clue!
  10. Why would Ubisoft destroy the GR community by lowering the PVP to 4v4 from 8v8? they totally went off the reservation. The main focus of GR has always been Multiplayer not co op!. They could have raised it to 12v12 and ditched the co op and single player and solely focused on PVP but no... The government clearly took over UBisoft and is current trying to destroy us all.. hahah. yes I'm not happy.. Wild land is cool but it's not what we all waited for. we waited to destroy each other no hold hands and search for Yetis...
  11. I was blown away with the new trailer! my concern is the open world thing is awesome but the hardcore fans want the classic PVP siege. LMs,sharpshooter style. we want to play all the old maps. clan functions, actual customizations similar to rainbow six. we want our clan matches back!! keep your drones and all that fancy jazz!! give us GR2 through Graw 2.. and saVe me from Bungies destiny!,, hail Ghost Recon the true King!!!
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