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  1. I have the steam version but see no gamepad option.
  2. IS there a way to get gamepad support to work with the og gr? and island thunder pack? Thanks for any help
  3. Hey everyone. Totally stoked i found this fansite. Im a life long GR fan. Well, really just GR and GR island thunder. THose 2 i have played for hours on console. Not so much pc. Im looking to finally step into the PC side of things. WHY? Well,I like playing. BUT on console its dead. Zero mods and I can at least save my things on pc if something breaks down so I dont lose them.."maps,mods,etc". Im a little lost on things. Ive read through some of the forum. BUT still,so much to read. Im not looking for online play yet,as I really only play "Firefight" by myself. Its enjoyable to me. Im looking to download the games and HOPEFULLY find hundreds of fanmade maps to play on. Can you good people kind of walk me through some things I need and need to know? I have to buy the games 1st. Can I use STEAM for purcahse and still use all mods? Im almost certain I posted all this in the wrong section but I didnt see a "new members questions" area. THanks for any assistance and one day I hope to jump in on some multiplayer goodness..
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