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  1. that i will have to agree with.
  2. ok time for a n00bish question, what are FMV's?
  3. Nothing fancy, just a bit of simple animation. be patient, the image is a few k over one mb It's a sig I made, too big for forum use, but I love the message. If you like, make your own and post it here. Do not give me any praise, this was very simple to make, I encourge you, if you can, to make your own and post it here to honor the military.
  4. hmm i like it, it gets to the point. :-p Obviously you can only use it on green forums lol. 8/10 rate these:
  5. I am under the impression that you are excited, or am I misguided? lol
  6. wow, thats some pretty cool work
  7. Ok, I was wrong, I apologize for the mis-information, Whiteknight, thank your for the information. I stand corrected.
  8. Creating a national ID card would require millions of dolllars to have them made, pay people to make them and then cost millions more to keep it enforced! I see this as a very risky and costly idea. @whiteknight 77 there is no law that says you have to do it. For some strange reason many people see the laws that the legislators make as the highest law in the land, but its not, the constatution is. If one of their laws violates the constatution then you cannot obligated to obey it.
  9. I don't like horror stuff, but ignoring that I'd give it ohh mabye 7/10 WEll if the forums would allow dynamic pages in the image tags my sig could be one of a random selection of images in a folder at some webhost. I like small files, but I might look into making an animated sig, I might just try and get myself into flash....
  10. sure have a national data bank, but make it optional @ whiteknight77 parents do not legally have to get a socail security number for their child when he/she is born.
  11. Interesting, not many sigs that look good with only two colors. But I consider a 10/10 somthing like 2advanced studios work so Ill give you a 6/10 for looks and 9/10 for the labor and learning you probally put into it, but since 7.5 is between 6 and 9 you get 7.5/10 Rate this please. Is it better than my current?
  12. Could you please post what you think is wrong? Or at least, if your up to it that is and have the time PM/email them to me?
  13. Personally I don't like slavery, I would not own a slave, but all I'm saying is that the Bible does not condem it nor does it give it sanction, there were rules for both master and slave, but because man is sinful he cannot be trusted with absolute power over others.
  14. Im not exactly sure what you mean by that, but to adress it directly, I am not nor can i ever be good (untill I Die and am gone into the presence of my LORD and given a new body in him), Christ told us that ALL men fall short of the glory of God and all of us deserve nothing but everlasting torment in Hell. Thank you for your respect, you have mine because you did not get angry, thanks. How then can I be assured of salvation? Because God, before the earth was formed predestined to save certian people. Is God then unjust? no. Why? Think of it like this, There are ten men on death row, they all deserve death, but the Judge (God) puts his son in place of one of these men to save him. Is God unjust to send these men to hell? no. The man who was saved, is God unjust to save him? No. Since Christ was perfect, when he Died upon the cross and rose agian three days later, the sins of the elect (the predestined) were paid for. And admitence to heaven is granted.
  15. yes that was the old testament, We are under the new testament, those traditions do not apply to us, however Christ never condemned slavery, he told slaves to respect and submit to their masters, (not to the extent of committing a sin) and I might be wrong on this one, but I believe that he told masters to treat their slaves with kindness. Christ came to fulfill the law, not remove it, but he did negate some of the Old testimeant. The New Testament clearly shows that we no longer kill for sin (mind you this does not negate the death penalty), but forgive and discipline. The death penalty is not negated because the job of government is to protect its citizens from dangers, thus murders must be put to death for the betterment and safety of society.
  16. yes, but also in the bible, you were supposed to let your slaves go if they wanted after seven years.
  17. I view the Uninted states as a group of small individual governments that came together, uninted so that they could function as one and be strong as one. I belive that the Confederate states had a right to withdrawl from the Union. Now do not go spouting off at me about the slavery issue. I'm a christian, the Bible does not condem slavery, however it commands slave owners to treat thier slaves with kindness, the slaves in the south WERE abused, and very maltreated. But in my opinion i think that any state has the right to withdraw from the union because they came into it. Yes, the civil war more or less had to happen to end slavery as it was, but I believe that the civil war would not have happened if the majority of the "founding fathers" had been reading their bibles, treating their slaves with kindness, like human beings as themselves. If the Federal government had not increased the price of tariffs on the foreign market, then the Southern states would not have succeeded. If people had truly been concerned about slavery, they would not have bought southern goods, cotton ect. Just like today, some people don’t like how wal-mart puts competitors out of business, well fact is people don’t truly care about it, because if they did they wouldn’t have bought from wal-mart when it moved in, and wal-mart would have abandoned its sell below profit tactics. The key to changing our world, is not to change the government or make new laws the key is to change the people, it is the only way to effect a lasting change.
  18. Not much besides the constatution and those of us who will take up arms against such movement in government and mabye a few good senators. I see no reason to give government extra power.
  19. looks very nice, but i do belive that real specops do move with their red-dot up.
  20. Mabye it will, but this gives government power, which they could end up abusing, not to mention the billions it will cost. Sure, one has nothing to hide, but this gives them power to elimanate you if you were to say oppose them. Of course this probably will not happen in my lifetime, but if the government keeps getting power like this, in the name of "security" whats to stop us from becoming ruled by a communist-like government? Where they can force everybody to comply with their agenda. We need to think about what this could cause. I think the risk outweighs the benifit.
  21. I don't want a national ID! A bill that regards the future course of the United States and the quality of which we will fulfill our duty to be the best republic and nation ever to have or ever will exist has come into being. This bill will require the states to compile and send the Federal government information on its citizens, varying aspects of data, a practical biography about you, then a nationwide ID system will be put in place, roadblocks can prevent you from traveling because you will not have an ID this will be no different than communist-Russia or nazi Germany, you will not be able to travel without the necessary “papers”, or ID this is unconstitutional and since the constitution is the highest law in the land, my parents will not have to legally submit to this illegal law, it defies the very meaning of the freedom of our republic. Americans, please do not let this bill gain passage! Tell your friends about it, let everybody within your reach know about it, tell your senators as I am going to tell you, why this is a great evil. Thomas Jefferson once said, “The government of the United States is the result of a revolution in thought. It was founded on the principle that all persons have equal rights, and that government is responsible to, and derives its powers from, a free people.” Having a national ID is another way for the government to further encroach upon the freedom of the nation. The government gets its power from the citizens. Whenever a government is given power it will want more, just look at history, every time government accumulates* power it always abuses it. If this law passes what’s to stop “homeland security” from jailing all the senators and creating a dictatorship? Or stopping them from taking our guns, which are protected by the constitution because our founding fathers knew that to keep government in line one must have control of it and since government as a whole wants only power, knowlage of certian death is what will keep her in check, that and the American people if they will just step up to the plate and take their duty as citizens of the United states to never vote globalists or big government supporters in office. Every American has a duty, an irrefutable obligation to be involved in the world around them, they must research the best candidate for an office, and get beyond this “Democrats and Republicans only” scheme (I never said I supported the independents). We must educate others around us to their duty so they may in turn tell others, we can change this nation—or any nation, but we first must change our fear of the truth.* Respectfully, Jacob Johnson a.k.a. osokdfgr *Accumulates I say accumulates because the only way for a government to become totalitarian over a people is if their power is accumulated over time so that their citizens do not notice. America please wake up! *Fear of truth what I mean by that statement is, do we go out of our way to tell people why big government is bad? Do we? the resounding answer is NO! Why is that? Because we (including me) are guilty of being ashamed to rock the boat! WHAT CAN I DO ABOUT IT? First off do one or more of the following: CALL your senators send a letter to your senators Read more about it! I don't know who my senators are? For members of the House of Representatives, go to: www.house.gov; for the senate go to: www.senate.gov. We need millions of americans to flood their capitol, state and national with phone calls. Ok now spread this to everybody that you can reach!
  22. :GASP: how dare you people say Merry ------Mas? Don't you know that its now RamaHanuKwanzMas!? DUH!
  23. of course, if you fry it, then all the fat is gone. mmm I luv crispy bacon, then you can cook your eggs in the bacon grease.
  24. I for one don't, so could you help us out?
  25. ^^ cant remember name, closest to what sup is quoteing
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