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  1. Yes I am. Click here to view my GR icon. Be sure to visit Wincustomize for other icons, there are over five thousand. Go here to view other icons I've made
  2. Everything you see is free except for the objectdock at the bottem of the screen. I just found a neat little app called objectbar with it you can replicate the Mac finder bar. This article is helpful! Edit: Rocky, be sure to show us your desktop after you get it customized!
  3. It's been eight months since the last post! and my desktop has changed alot, so I think its time to revive this thread! No, I've not switched to a mac! It's windows alright! Just some apps that I've downloaded to 'customize' my desktop experience, they are: Flyakite--the sounds and look AveDesk The two widgets on rightt-(custom Skin)-Rainlender ObjectDock--the thing at the bottem.
  4. osokdfgr

    Mod Idea?

    edit: woops the first part of your post didn't register in my brain! Reading your post again, I find it a very interesting idea Reasearch and Development team? This is not the official Ghost recon site...www.ghostrecon.COM is the official site. Ghostrecon.NET is a FAN website. There are modders for Ghostrecon and other games here. ps: thx whisper 44 for giving me a 'virtual' slap on the head
  5. If it is an April fools joke (Who closes their site on April 1st?) I think its a bit too far. We'll see tomorrow/later today I guess.
  6. Well you see, today is April 1st, they've been planning the whole GR2 PC thing so that today they can realease a statment: "APRIL FOOLS!" Just you watch, somtime today I'll bet they'll release an april fools statement!
  7. What the!??! thats happening to me too, twice now... edit: finally, third try, I'm at the game page now. Edit #2 look at the 3rd screen I rember that level! Image: Screen #10: I realllllllllllly rember this one! edit #3 I think I'll re-install DF1 just for kicks! the "Large Install" is 256 mb Ok, here is a df1 screenshot!
  8. A while back I played the Vietcong demo, and I think that Vietcong has a bit more of a "I'm in the jungle and the enemy are at any turn" feel. Plus Vietcong had iron sights that were really cool, and the AI, as far as I can remember were a bit better too.
  9. I played the demo for a bit last night. There are training missions. The gfx are no HL2, which only means that lower-end systems might be able to run it. The "missions" in EW:V are kind of like ghost recon, you have to select your men, and their equipment, but that’s just about where the similarities end. Missions are a lot like real life in a way, you don’t click begin mission and start shooting, instead you have to plot on a map where you team will move, this part of the game is like a strategy game. You watch a map, upon which an icon indicates the location of your team, their waypoints and objectives. You choose how fast the team moves and when they rest. As your team moves along your path, random events occur, injuries, enemy contact, ect. The AI isn’t all that smart, and sometimes enemies can take several shots before dying. A really neat feature is the loading screens, they have quotes about SOG units in Vietnam, and it’s pretty cool stuff. there is a FPV, but no First Person weapon view. there are no iron sights, just a bit of zoom, and scopes on sniper rifles. It can be fun, but it's not a block buster
  10. Downloading the demo now, if it works I'll post on what I thought of it. You can go here for the filefront download.
  11. Yow! That sounds like quite a ride! Take some photos! ) Good luck! ps: drive safe
  12. You mean somthing like this: edit, white box fixed
  13. 4/10 The border doesn't go all the way around, and I don't like animi that much.
  14. My object was text, It said I won. I am guessing that it is a word? close 29. I guess that it is a zip code? No. 28. Can it help you find your way? Yes. 27. Are there many different sorts of it? Yes. 26. Is it black? Sometimes. 25. I guess that it is a period (punctuation)? No. 24. Can it be used to write? Yes. 23. Is it round? Sometimes. 22. Is it used by the police? Yes. 21. Can it be heard? No. 20. I guess that it is a letter (of the alphabet)? No. 19. Does it have writing on it? No. 18. Do you use it when you write? Yes. 17. Can you use it at school? Yes. 16. Is it used for communications? Yes. 15. Does it have cash value? Sometimes. 14. Is it smaller than a golf ball? Sometimes. 13. Does it fit in your wallet? Yes. 12. Could it be found in a classroom? Yes. 11. Do you write on it? No. 10. Can you read it? Yes. 9. Is it soft? Irrelevant. 8. Is it square shaped? Sometimes. 7. Can it fit in an envelope? Yes. 6. Is it usually colorful? Sometimes. 5. Does it help accomplish tasks? Yes. 4. Is it white? Sometimes. 3. Is it something you bring along? Sometimes. 2. Is it hard? No. 1. It is classified as Other.
  15. I couldn't find the original story again, but here is the follow up. The President of Malawi had reportedly been afraid of ghosts in the presidential palace so he didn't stay there, but now he and others are denying it.
  16. You should get a surge-protector to help prevent against that again.
  17. you don't have a knife? I do, and was fun interogating a guy with it. Delta force one, 2, 3 and mabye 4 did a mimimum intall of 500-600 mb full install was about 900mb Crazy, good thing we have cable.
  18. They sure are! Be sure to visit the official site too! Extra content.
  19. Just watched it a couple of hours ago, very good!
  20. I do... One nation under God!
  21. It is an SP demo, loaded with training vids
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