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  1. I just started folowing this MOD and it looks SPECTACULAR!!! I Reallllly want 2 get it BUT, I dont have IT , soo, does anybody know where i can get it for below retail price i.e. instead of $20 I want it for $0-$10. soooooo I plz help me. (You could give me ur copy of IT! you would be like and i would be so happy so how bout it? please??? pretty Please! With sugar on top??? )
  2. check this out http://www.sciflicks.com/starship_troopers/
  3. I would like to set up an appointment to play GR and GR only (meaning I dont have IT) soo there u go. who wants 2 play??
  4. The Sniper Because back home in Tennessee I was a champeen shot, They made a sniper outa me An' ninety krouts I got: I wish to Christ I'd not! Athinkin' o' them blasted lives It's kindo' blue I be; Them lads no doubt had kids an' wives An' happy home like me: Them stiffs I still can see. Aye, ninety men or more my hand Has hustled down to hell; They've loaded me with medals and They tell me I done well: A hero for a spell. But Heaven help me to forget Them fellow men I've slain, The bubbling flow of blood I've let . . . I'll never kill again: To swat flies gives me pain. Just let me dream when we will see And end of soldierin'; When flags of famous victory Will be amoulderin': An' lethal steel an' battle blast Be nightmares of the past. --- Robert Service if you want more email me: osokdfgr@cox.net
  5. YES! IT works!! I am jazzed! well on lighter side, I'm enjoying myself now. Beware of the shadow: Spliter cell is here
  6. where can i get Kpl.Eli's plugin? -------------------------------------------------------------------- Silent souls leave .308 sized holes
  7. oops my mistake, i thought that i was in the skin fourm.
  8. As i was saying... do you know where I can get the .rsb plugins are for GR? I want to skin, I mean re-design the clothing of our soilders) JAKE a.k.a. SSI a.k.a. osokdfgr
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