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  1. I 've done a little bit more "looking" and have discovered that I could only use the so-called secret on the TAW server. If you join their server you can access the locked weapons! I joined another server today and discovered that I could not access the locked weapons. ( Click here for the G3 I really like the G3, it seems to posses more knockdown power, and greater accuracy. TAW bf2 demo server ip: @firefly, apply to be the commander, the use the "caps-lock" key to acess the commander menu.
  2. hey, if any of you discover the *secret* DO NOT post it here! Let everybody "figure it out."
  3. wow! somone had a LOT of time!
  4. sig: avatar: I reccomend the gimp for making sigs.
  5. Yep! You most certenly can! btw: I'm a horrible killer, but in a game of 32 people I maneged to be #1 on my team with 12 kills and 34 deaths! How? I was a medic with a squad, healing/reviving my team.
  6. edit well since Zantar's card works, mine might as well (didn't see his post, was at the same time as mine) I have a FX 5200 (128mb), seeing how texan's didn't work mine might not either. [still gonna download] (good thing I have a new card arriving this monday)
  7. Will this work for you? Do you want a matching avatar? Like Ronnin says below, "A link to the soldier in your reference image would help"
  8. This does seem to be what I'll purchace. For the price range it seems to be the best option. I'm a bit eager to get it, especially after a friend purchased a BFG 6200 oc, which ran GhostRecon, and another of his games, Battlefield Vietnam, very well. Still, I'm looking around.
  9. @phantom--I take it that we shouldnt put conmputer parts on fabric? It's looking very nice ledanek!
  10. On my way! ) weee had fun, even if nobody was there
  11. Ok, $180 usd is just about my price limit, I've been looking at GFX cards, as far as I can tell this Geforce 6800, seems to be my best bet. If you know of a card with equal or better preformance, in the same price range, post it please! Thanks,
  12. 8/10, it has great potential! The game logos don't look to good, mabye play with them a bit. The clouds are ok, mabye try some real clouds? Your name is kind of, but not too hard too read. Background pic ideas: clouds over desert platou Sand storm over water sandstorm h*ttp://w*ww.mayang.com/textures/Nature/images/Clouds/dramatic_clouds_sunset_180093.JPG You must copy and paste the link below, just remove the two *s (stars) in the 'http', and 'www'. I had to put the ,*s, in because the new forum version automatically creates links.
  13. 7/10 font is a bit hard to read, mabye try to imatate the font of "24"
  14. Those are very cool, too bad I'm saving money for PC parts. grrrr. If only graphics cards came looking like that!
  15. BB code plugin! this makes useing the "add reply box" nearly obsolete. Fast reply is now the way to go! Basicly this plugin allows you with a right click to insert BB code, html code or xhtml code into a text box.
  16. WOW! now thats some shootin!
  17. CR6, thanks for that info as well!
  18. My current graphics card, Geforce 5200, has croaked, apearently it can no longer render in 3d. I need a new card, I've narrowed my search to these two cards, which one is better? Do you know of a different, better card thats about the same price as these? ATI 9800 PRO 6600 GT the 6600 GT has faster mem/cpu speed and the reviewers games show more preformance. Thanks for any help.
  19. I dunno... Let me see edit: As far as I could see, there is no way to make it show the used space. (hint: become a programmer) ← Hmmm, the HD usage widget seems a bit buggy, I set it up for a few of my partitions but on reboot all the HD widgets apart from one were gone! ← ouch! But thats not a bug, you have to open the widget control panel (right-click on any icon and click "control panel") then go to File> save Configuation. BTW, there is a new version of AveDesk, its 1.2
  20. I dunno... Let me see edit: As far as I could see, there is no way to make it show the used space. (hint: become a programmer)
  21. The other tool is Avedesk. As for getting away from the start menu, I realllllly could not do that . I've been brainwashed by windows!
  22. That is a differnt way to raise money... Try two weeks without food or water.
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