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  1. What is your minimum? Why ya selling it? (I think there is a buy/sell topic for this somwhere)
  2. Enjoy your stay, but be careful some people around here are crazed mutant squirrels of death. like rocky, or zjj
  3. I see the download button on that page. Anyways, Here is the download link for that mod
  4. To put it in the words of an aussie, "Crikey!" Thats some excellent animation!
  5. Mobile Swing?!! are you nuts? Thats their front portch!
  6. That website says the locals refer to their town as 'llanfair' perhaps the train stations do too? haha imagine trying to write to the local newspaper! The Daily llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllian llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwll, Wales 849773
  7. What makes this so funny is that it's real!
  8. That is astounding! It's on my to purchase list!
  9. My Dream come true! Good grammer--for a lawyer!
  10. 8/10 What exactly is death by gaming? A game review community?
  11. This sig uses two image files [img]http:your image url here.gif[/img][img]http:your image url here.jpg[/img] I opened the original animation in Imageready, resized the canvas, exported it to photoshop, then pasted a top layer to go over the animation layers, exported back to imageready. I sliced the image in two, saving the animation (left) side as a .gif, exported back to photoshop, then saved the right side as a .jpg I hope that helps you.
  12. Now that is a very cool toy!
  13. but windows is still ugly--compared to OSX anyways.
  14. I used to use windowblinds, but don't anymore. I found Flyakite OSX. It changes everything (including icons) to great looking OSX stuff. and its 100% free.
  15. If the bf2 maps work anything like the bf1942 maps, then for the AI to be on a map, it must be 'set up' in the map editor--I believe
  16. I'll mostly be playing in the TAW server (obvious reasons) come and join me! I go by the username: Getheverlastingrace
  17. I can't help you with exporting, but: This is from a halo modding site, however the tutorial is very useful for rendering with gmax.
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