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  1. I tried it again, and discovered that, vectors in fireworks saved as a .swf will retain ALL gradient fills! To answer my own question, vectors in flash can be shaded with gradients.

    Here is proof:

    This vector in fireworks:


    Is exported to this .swf:


    [direct link]

    Photoshop (Imageready) can export to .swf, however all gradient data is lost.

    I'm still curious about exporting to a .png with alpha transparency from flash, because I like to make Icons for my dock, and the dock uses .pngs

  2. Question about macromedia flash: Can vectors in flash be shaded with graidents, and remain a vector? I ask because If I export to a .swf file using Photoshop or Fireworks any vectors with a gradient fill are reverted to a solid fill. Also, can you export to a .png from flash?

    Thats all for now :wacko:


  3. Does a PC game developed in Europe, (PAL), work on US computer systems? (NTSC) From what I know (which is not much) :P NTSC and PAL console games are usually not compatible, but do the same limitations apply to PC games? I live in the USA, and I'm looking to purchase "The Regiment" an FPS game developed by Konami, and released in Europe, would I have problems running the game?

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