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  1. You uninstalled GR? Blasphemy! Awesome Mod guys! Thanks for putting in so much of your time!
  2. Also, warrock http://www.warrock.net
  3. I got the Razer Diamondback mouse, its "saaaawwwwwwwwwwweeeeeet!" Smooth movement! The best sensitivity adjustment ever! Seven Buttons! Feels like it's floating! Lights up! Official website The last mouse I had was a logitech MX310, the difference in performance is amazing.
  4. I'll have to try that! thanks.
  5. In flash, I want to create a tree swaying animation. I have a flash document with vector palm trees---how should I go about giving them a swaying motion? A link to a tutorial would be great! thanks for any help.
  6. I tried it again, and discovered that, vectors in fireworks saved as a .swf will retain ALL gradient fills! To answer my own question, vectors in flash can be shaded with gradients. Here is proof: This vector in fireworks: Is exported to this .swf: http://www.members.cox.net/j4c08-5/freehand.swf [direct link] Photoshop (Imageready) can export to .swf, however all gradient data is lost. I'm still curious about exporting to a .png with alpha transparency from flash, because I like to make Icons for my dock, and the dock uses .pngs
  7. Arn't we all? As soon as my time is free, I'll take that stab thank you
  8. Question about macromedia flash: Can vectors in flash be shaded with graidents, and remain a vector? I ask because If I export to a .swf file using Photoshop or Fireworks any vectors with a gradient fill are reverted to a solid fill. Also, can you export to a .png from flash? Thats all for now Thanks,
  9. http://artoix.deviantart.com/
  10. Nice so far! Are you required to put it into a working .html/.php file? Do you plan to use tables or CSS for positioning?
  11. As per Avey's suggestion, I made these two GR:AW icons, you can use them with Avedesk, RK launcher, Objectdock, or with a regular windows shortcut. --------------------------- Download Here or Here ---------------------------
  12. But Zjj will have the topic moved over here, then I'll be suspended for 'excessive posting'
  13. As per Avey's suggestion, I made these two GR:AW icons, you can use them with Avedesk, RK launcher, Objectdock, or with windows. --------------------------- Download Here or Here ---------------------------
  14. Hmmm... I might just do that. Besides ObjectDock there is RK launcher.
  15. Dreamweaver Fireworks Flash Critique is most welcome
  16. Does a PC game developed in Europe, (PAL), work on US computer systems? (NTSC) From what I know (which is not much) NTSC and PAL console games are usually not compatible, but do the same limitations apply to PC games? I live in the USA, and I'm looking to purchase "The Regiment" an FPS game developed by Konami, and released in Europe, would I have problems running the game?
  17. At Zeko's suggestion , I've reworked the "teamwork" text.
  18. osokdfgr

    In 2006

    fell for it
  19. As this is a logo contest, you might want to make sure that your logo can be printed in black (not gray), yet still be recognizable/readable/looking good.
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