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  1. koel its Praetorian id like to join up w you but duhhhhh, you know how "limited" i am. Praetorian.Omega6@yahoo.com
  2. hello...i played OGR from the time it first came out, and then GRAW, until 2011 when i left to play WoT (which after 4 yrs and almost 35000 battles has become the biggest waste of time in my life). id really like to come back to the GHOST RECON community but the issue is that of being soooo far out of touch w what's going on i don't know where to turn. if theres anyone out there who would be interested in helping an old operator get back online id appreciate if you could get in touch w me at Praetorian.Omega6@yahoo.com Gny Prae Brothers in Honor...Commander Lamp Phoenix Soldiers...Commander Doppelganger Alpha Squad...Commander Chavez
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