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  1. Anyone else get a CTD when trying to play any of the XL or XXL maps like Islands? It's weird. If it's say Islands on XXL Black Ops on Elite it will straight up crash, if it's a little smaller I will get sound but the window will minimize and I won't be able to play.

    EDIT: Apparently it's any sized match, even my saved campaign. I recently updated my video card drivers, as far as I know it's the only thing that could be causing it. Any ideas?

  2. If I may throw my two cents in about the briefings. You previously posed the question of whether or not you should scrap the old briefings and lose the voice acting or keep them and risk them not being relevant to the mission. My advice? Scrap them. If they are outdated and irrelevant to your missions you should make new ones. I would find your custom briefings much more immersive anyway, because I always read faster than the actor :)

    Been playing your mod for a long time, I can't wait for 1.0 to drop :D Thank you for all your hard work

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