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  1. For demonstration purposes I used taskforce_body_dcu.rsb and used it to replace all desert skins for regular Ghosts, who match up mostly on textures but not totally. So what I think is happening here - and bear with me, I have no modding experience so I may have some things wrong - is the way the models take textures from the .rsb files is everything has an allocated slot that gets applied to the model. The .chr for every class but the Rifleman needs an extra strip of texture where the forefoot and laces go, and in the case of Support and Marksman the higher cut of the black jungle boot/tan desert boot also fills in part of that texture that the Rifleman's lower-cut boot doesn't fill. The Rifleman is the only class where the boot texture is 2 vs 3 pieces, but the TF245 skins all use the Rifleman as the template.
  2. New JSOC team looks rad. Are you set on the UCP top M81/DCU bottom combo for the regular Ghosts? A lot of pics I see from Iraq around the mid-2000s have high-speed dudes wearing full M81/DCU, particularly the few pictures I found on Google of SF CIF units, who did direct action all the time. I've experimented with just throwing the appropriate TF245 skins onto the regular Ghosts but it ends up odd on some of their models, most noticably because on the Support and Marksman the boots end up with untextured black spots.
  3. Is there a way to remove the NVGs on the JSOC characters? I know a mod addon exists to do that for your Violence of Action mod, but it'd be neat to have for DeCENT.
  4. The game isn't too buggy. The worst that's happened to me is getting stuck in terrain geometry once, and there's not an open world game I've played where that hasn't happened at least once.
  5. Are the weapons customizable or unique? I'd like a greater variety of weapons to play with and customize, but then guns are my fetish, so 9 new, customizable weapons, plus the new enemies and missions would make it seem worth it. Well, either way I bought the Gold Edition so I've got the season pass.
  6. My problem with Narco Road is less the racing itself and more that it seems to be "blue flames out the exhaust pipe nitro" super arcadey stuff.
  7. IIRC Steve Blum only played Mitchell in FS and Endwar. Prior to that he was played by David Cooley.
  8. The Ghosts themselves are so-so. I mix up Holt and Midas' voices all the time. Weaver sounds like Gus Sorola from Rooster Teeth, so I can at least tell him apart. Nomad sounds like Mitchell in GR2/SS, and the GRAW games, or at least male Nomad with Snake face does. I actually liked Mitchell, so whatever. I need to see if different faces have different voices. I've finished the game, and it has two different endings depending on whether you finished every mission before going to remove Sueno. Obviously, 100%ing the game gets you the good end. Nice touch, didn't expect that from this game.
  9. For some reason I thought I had to catch El Pulpo, so I shot out the tires on all cars in the complex he was hiding in. I realized shortly after I was supposed to escort him. Somehow I protected him all the way to the airport on flat tires.
  10. Vests: Crye JPC, CIRAS, MBAV, 6094. Make it look like there's actually plates in them by adding some bulk, at least in front and back. Helmets: MICH series (2000/2001/2002), Crye Airframe. Maybe some variants of those and what we have that are more or less loaded with features like rails, lights, IR strobes. The ability to choose patches individually and their position instead of having up to 4 duplicate patches. The ability to make my helmets blue, so I can roleplay as a UN deathsquad. White helmets for XOF roleplay. A normal pistol suppressor as an alternative to the Osprey boxcan. The ability to change my teammates weapons (even if limited to whatever class their current weapons are), and customize their outfits, even if it's just presets that might be more tacticool. A wheelgun that's not too much of a meme (i.e. no Mateba/Chiappa/MP412 REX/ .44 Mag), like the Smith & Wesson 327 TRR8. A 1911 clone that actually has usable irons. It's 2017, 3-dot sights are a thing on almost all commercial 1911s. The Springfield Armory TRP Operator would be a good choice. It's as close to the one FBI HRT uses (used?) as there is on the market. Galil ACE or FAL (possibly modernized). Both are extremely common in South America. A CZ P-07 or P-09, or one of the more modern CZ 75 variants. A non-unique, customizable version of the SilencerCo Maxim 9 (there's a special version already available as DLC). More camos: Flecktarn, DPM, Tigerstripe and MARPAT families. Maybe AUSCAM family and a few Euro patten families too. Rhodesian Brushstroke, Zairean Leopard and Karst, if we want to get into obscure militaria. ATACS-IX and navy blue usable for all uniforms and not just weapons (actually, this should be added in an update, not paid for).
  11. I've taken out a bunch of assorted buchones and devastated the cartel's coke production. Now they're moving to meth and MDMA apparently. Hit and fade attacks are fun, especially leaving one guy alive to hide behind cover and wonder where the gringos went. I'd call in rebels more often but they look like middle-aged hipsters instead of revolutionary dudes like Pac Katari. Maybe expanding their presence makes them look more like a commie paramilitary group like FARC. Just some olive drab fatigues and the like would be a big jump in the "yeah, I'd fight beside these guys" score. Also I've killed around a dozen civvies by this point and a few rebels too. All on accident of course, but the rebels are Maoists if Amaru's "agrarian proletariat" ideas Pac mentions are any indication, so they have it coming. I hope I get to attack Pac at the end.
  12. - NVG mounts as an option when using a helmet, for extra immersion. - Customizing and saving outfits and gear setups for allies. Or at least a few alternate outfits and gear presets. - More plate carrier and helmet options (Crye Airframe, Crye JPC, MICH 2000/2001/2002, CIRAS, MBAV) - A way to pass time in game so I can do night ops more. It doesn't have to be a device like the Phantom Cigar in MGSV, a sleeping bag/mat would be fine.
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