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    Seeing that picture after all this time I still remember how good Frostbite was! Cold...Cold...it's cold. Jim
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    Because it is winter and cold out... I felt that I needed to play through Frostbite again. So, I loaded it back up in my game and when I started the campaign, I really felt like it was all new again to me. Funny though... the mission I had the most trouble with was #6 Blueghost. I didn't have any problem with the sniper mission, as I remembered "how" to play it. The other 7 missions... I basically forgot how they played out. This was only the 2nd time I played through it as a campaign, but I did play the single missions alot (after I unlocked them) when if first came out. Great stuff! Play
  3. I really liked the mission. Sure was alot of fun with the GPS. That is the first I played a mission with that "type" of toy. I owed the General $0 but... I have to admit that I didn't know what that was about? I must have missed something. I loved going into the house too! Cool idea! Jim
  4. Yea, I figured it would be in the wrong area.... Tossup between the two... But... being it was PS2... Oh well, the area I am talking about is underground, and is about 1/3 of the way through the game, and you woke up in a prison. There was an old man there and he told you he had been there for a long time. After you break out of that jail, then you are attacked by a couple of gaurds. Sorta easy to beat, then you break down another door, and are attacked by a couple of more gaurds and a troll fat man. Here is where you get metal knuckle glove. After this fight, you can save the game, and then
  5. First, I have read alot of places where guys didn't like this game, but I think it is "different" than what I am playing on GR. I am playing this on PS2 now, and I am stuck trying to get a ruby. So, here is my question. I am in the Underground Prison and I am at the "timed" event in Way of Determination. Well, I went ahead and got the Broad Sword and I returned to the area. However, I cannot kill the trolls and soldiers within the time limit. It takes me almost twice as long to kill everybody than the timer gives you. So, I am figuring that there must be a "trick" or a combo of moves to d
  6. I thought I would bring this post up to date, with some help from Wolverine, I was able to get the mission fixed. What I needed to do was, I had to delete the whole campaign and restart it. Then, I just used the "autowin" to get up to mis #8 and then I was able to play through mission #8. I think the reason my old campaign did not work was because I had to re-do the computer, and I saved my old campaign and tried to use it again... possibly it got corrupted in the "move". Who knows... Thanks for the help! Jim
  7. I have been playing this mod and I really like it! Everything is just great! I am up to mission #8 HIGH TIMES in the campaign, and I "think" I am having a problem. I repel out of the helicopter, and about 5 seconds later I get... MISSION FAILED: ELIMINATE MECHANIZED COLUMN Now, am I missing something? (Is this a Trick mission?) Am I supposed to be doing something? I try running in all directions, nothing happens, except I get the MISSION FAILED notice in about 5 seconds. I don't see anyone, and no one is shooting at me. Do you think I have a bad .mis file? I had typed in "AUTOWIN"
  8. About a month ago we decided to clean up the computer by dumping it. So, in order to save my GR missions and campaigns, I saved the main file. Then, I re-installed GR and overwrote the main file with my "saved" one. Now, I am having problems running Canadian Ops. I am up to the 5th mission where you need to take out the prisoners, and it just keeps CTD. I have reduced the graphics to the bottom (Looks awful). I have never had to do this on any other mod. Not even Frostbite. I even tried to start a new campaing, and I had problems in the earlier missions too. I do not have any other MOD install
  9. I finished playing this mod (NED) today, and I got to say that I really enjoyed it! I had thought there was no possible way to complete the Dam map, but, I kept trying, and trying, etc, and I finally figured out what I had to do. Personally, I like the fact that the breifings did not tell you exactly where everything is at, or where to look, that way, it leaves it like a "real" mission where you never know exactly where you have to be, or what to do. (I guess ) I liked the whole mod! Also, I would like to say, that I did watch the Credits and I am impressed with the way that was done too.
  10. KRP 56, If you are just looking for the patch for ORJ, I will take mine and just put it into a simple zip and email it to you if you like. That way, you don't have to bother with the ACE, or RAR file. ( I really like the sig and avatar you have, MOPAR Man right?) Email or PM me with your email if that is what you want to do. Jim
  11. Just go to page one of "this" mod review, and there is a link to "fileplanet" right in the first post. It is a 6 MB download. BTW, I really liked this mission, even with the "bugs". They didn't bother me, as I thought the mission was designed so you could not move the squads around. Jim
  12. I used the WINRAR program to "unzip" it. I think it is the same people that have WINZIP. Just do a search for WINRAR. After you unzip it, you will have an execute file. I am not sure if there are any free "ace" unzip programs out there, but WINRAR has free trial version. Jim
  13. I for one, can't wait for the release. I have been reading this post for awhile now, and I am excited to play it. It really is a great idea for a mod! Jim
  14. Good idea! I didn't think of that. I just hated to start all over again, without first completing the entire campaign. Thanks! Jim
  15. Will the "savegames" still work after the patch? Jim
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