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  1. I'm going to pipe in here and thank everyone who got involved in the development of this project. As a beta tester, the attention to detail and thought into the mission and play is outstanding.

    Thank you Tinker, Hammer and your development team.

    The A & O clan, as well as others of the testing team are chopping at the bit waiting for the public release.


    aka Stormlord

  2. I am running a dedicated GR server on a Dell quad core system running xp64 with 12 Gig of ram.

    It runs under the 32bit environment, and the only issue i have is not being able to find pkzip or winzip to run under the 64 bit platform so i can capture replays.

    So, as Hammer mentioned, please post the issues you are having.


    aka Stormlord

  3. Lets not forget that Windows 7 is also involved. We do lots of testing at my work, and i have noticed at times that Win7 sitting at idle consumes 1.5 meg just to keep happy.

    I don't suppose that the problem system is duel core? If so, you could move your security packages and some other system processes to a dedicated processor.

    If it were me, I'd bump the memory up to at least 4 Gig, XP can handle most of that, would allocate some more to other system proc's.

    My 2 cents worth..


    aka Stormlord

  4. thanks for all the good information .. I did get my mine field to work, and it turned out pretty good.


    do i dare ask about mp insertion by helicopter.. heehee, lots of posts about helio's not working right, but most are several years old. has there been any improvement and/or understanding of the code? Maybe point me toward a few custom mods to look at..

    PS: Thanks for the tip about the weather, want to work that into my mission for sure...

  5. Yes, been pouring over scripts, and centcom had the mine examples i needed. Plus i found a bit more detail about effects that helped.

    Is there a place or site where modders share some of their scripting? Coming from a programming background, lots of time they have places to store libraries of examples to help others.

    Long time player, just now getting into the mod creation business.


    (aka Stormlord)

  6. Ok, i'm sure it's been asked before, but if someone could point me in the right direction...

    I am looking for some advanced scripting tutorials, i have been sifting thru several mods and have come across things used for mortor explosions like effect type "General_Type2" or "Explosion_Large_Type2", or "Tecal_Type3(5)(5)(1) ....

    the standard part2 of Igor scripting only explains but is not really helpful for what i'm looking for

    thanks in advance...


    (aka.. Stormlord)

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