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  1. 63yrs old and used to train recruits on military simulations. I'm very familiar with BIS & its VBS training tools. That's why I am saying that Arma 2 is the closest you'll get to an actual military simulation. I say Arma 2 and pre Arma 2 titles above Arma 3, but only for certain criteria that Arma 3 lacks. I didn't however read all of your post, because I can gauge from the first sentence the type of person you are where gaming is concerned. Also don't for one minute underestimate young people, the ones I had pleasure in training have been very intelligent and highly willing to learn. But I'm happy to disagree.
  2. -twcrash If you believe the games in the video other than Arma 2, are military simulations, then that's fine with me. In the military, when your sat down in front of a virtual military simulation, which will cover all military types, then its not Doom your going to be sat in front of or any modification of that, certainly not a serious military simulation. Not that I was talking about Doom or any of the others you mention, only regards the ones seen in the video. Just saying, that's all.
  3. -Burner Yes, o.k. I understand what your saying and doing. It was just the title and content of the video didn't quite ad-up. I do understand though that you were reviewing vanilla ai. Which is something that most mil/sim teams-groups will not use anyway, preferring alternative ai either by full conversion or smaller modification.. Thanks anyway. --
  4. The ones mentioned in the video are not training tools -mil/sims-, only Arma 2 was mentioned in the video that would be given that name, by the makers themselves. Although that too was not used as a training tool by the military, but is the nearest we have to a genuine mil/sim without something like VBS which we've used a lot in the past. AA have moved away from being a sim style, which is a shame. The rest in the video are FPS games, some of them are good games. But they are NOT mil/sims. A simulator will not be story driven, that's a game. The main reason why Arma 2 stands out is that there is a training application in there. The Editor. Training scenarios can be run from that part of the game. That is really why they can rightly call it a mil/sim. Games can be used to encourage young men and women to join up. That is a different thing altogether. But when it gets down to the basics of simulating virtual warfare, the government will use the correct application which would be something like VBS2/3. The nearest we have and also called by the makers a mil/sim is Arma 2. Certainly from the ones in the video, which are all FPS games other than Arma 2 as a crossover, only because of the Editor, not the story side. I don't view it from a gamers point, I only view it from a military point of view. That's where most of our players come from, non of those will recognise the other games mentioned in the video as mil/sims, or indeed some of the others you mentioned there. From a gamers point of view the other games in the video might be seen as mil/sims, but they're not, simply FPS games.
  5. The only point I would have to add to this is the video has only one mil/sim and that's Arma 2. The rest are shooters with generic ai that is very basic when compared to Arma 2, especially when Arma 2 has advanced ai modifications included. Arma 2 can't really be put into that video alongside those other titles. The video needs a new heading and Arma 2 removed really. Arma 3 is o.k. to be included as its makers agree its not a simulation Just my own personal view from a military simulator player and groups point. VBS2 Jcove lite, was and still is a free title, which would be the only other game to compare Arma 2 too. Unless of course you own any other VBS sim or those titles previous to Arma 2. The video heading should be changed to, ai in FPS, for me anyway. Its an interesting video, but doesn't cover the actual topic very well i.e. military simulation games/training tools ai.
  6. Well I'm not sure who he is, but the game looks o.k. I'll probably try it out, I don't need a 'T' shirt though..
  7. Great news, well done. Looking forward to playing, it will be a fun game.
  8. Not sure there will be a SP, just MP team play if I'm not mistaken.
  9. It took us ages to find a great ai mod. Working our way through all of the ones for the series, wow it was time consuming. Each time one mod came out and we'd set the damn thing up, it died. Support was pretty bad back in the day.
  10. I would strongly recommend Arma 2 Combined Arms. There are so many assets available and the best mods are to be had in there. Our group uses KAI mod, it makes Arma a different game. Also, you can play the Arma series whichever way you want. Full out War or really small spec op missions, its all possible. There are plenty of missions available over on the community forum.
  11. Our thoughts are with his family and friends. Its very sad indeed.
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