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  1. here is the dropbox with the code and all the trainers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/f4e2tge6nxetd5u/AAAc-dS5B0tDMthIGWJfqTAoa?dl=0 @Rocky can you update the mod page to include these please? if anyone wants to tweak the trainer you can open the .ct files with cheatengine download at cheatengine.org, open the scripts and tweak away, they lack documentation though, but the logic is easy to figure out. if some of the .ct scripts crash the game try removing the double quotes from the label references in the code jmp "originalcode" -> jmp originalcode, a recent update to cheat engine requires this to be done
  2. i discovered that when you go prone the game moves the camera position forwards to match the position of the head while lying down, but the model pivots at the waist while the camera pivots on the spot so the model will only line up if your looking straight ahead, you could still adjust this value to get the camera in the correct location for the mod but it will take some doing to get it to change position with mouse input to stay lined up with the model. iv'e tried but i was never 100% lined up and the game crashed frequently due to the calculations. i believe the script is called "fb" or "forwardback" or maybe it was renamed to "camera forward" or "fpwv", i think it was named all those at some point during development anyways its in there somewhere. and "lr" script moves the camera left and right, the game does this for peeking animations, but you can fix the value for over the shoulder views or in your case side of the head views. example video
  3. cool!!, what happens when he goes prone?, have your tried it with all weapon types? such as the anti tank rocket. i encountered an issue working on the first person view; when firing a rocket the back blast could injure or kill the player sometimes, so that is something to test for. also try it out in a building with stairs and tight hallways, there is always a risk of the camera going places it shouldn't. install some mods which add new player models, some have accessories on their heads that block the view also weapons holstered on the back can block the camera when in different stances. i figured out how to remove them but it takes a lot of code, and i was only trying to remove one accessory from the face and there were multiple... and by remove i mean, set the position to zero on one of the axis. so the object is floating in the center of the map on not in front of the camera. walk around in various buildings and crawl under stuff. i'd like to see more demo videos and longer ones too. i want to help you make this mod the best it can be.
  4. Hey Leon, so how i went about finding the memory locations is like this; i used a program called 'cheat engine' to view the decompiled code of the game while it is running and loaded into memory, then search for any change in the values of the memory addresses after i switch to the game and perform an action. so far i figured out; pressing f1/f2 to change the camera modes in game gave me the memory address for showing the model and changing the camera type values are 0,1,2, removing the code just shows the model pressing the stance up and down key gave me the address of the y coordinates camera, peek left and right gave me the x coordinates moving the mouse up and down and left and right gave me the offset for x and y for the mouse using the binoculars to gave me the address of the range finder, switching between ghosts gave me the address of the current player actors position there is one for triggering the animation for aiming down sights there are a few others, the major problem i am facing is the player is basically a box that slides around and serves as a mount for the camera. the model is standing inside the box, and is hunched over and does various animations independent of the position of the camera, so lots and lots of texture clipping happens. i can share with you the cheat engine file i used to create the most recent trainers and you can start there. latest compiled trainer ads experiment press middle mouse button to toggle on or off, you need to be crouched or standing for it to work correctly. if it dont work, toggle it on and off till it does. was made for iron sights concept. models disappear when you zoom in cause scopes are not see through i used cheat engine to scan for all values, then did an action in game, then filtered the results for changed values. i then repeated the process till i had a handful of addresses left and by then it was clear which ones were being affected, i then opened the memory viewer at that address and injected code there to disable the code and add my own code, which is mostly to save the value to a variable i created for use elsewhere or to set the value to something specific. i then save the code injection script to the cheat table and make a trainer to activate and deactivate the code block with key presses my ghost recon dropbox folder the older ct files my not compile because cheat engine has been updated and the syntax has changed for declaring labels, just change the old labels to the new syntax and your good to go, the latest ct has the new syntax for reference . GhostRecon.CT GhostReconRRhjh.CT
  5. Hi, the link for the 64bit version for the most recently uploaded trainer is broken, could you please contact RichardG and let him know so that he can upload a fixed link? I really love Ghost Recon and need this fix. I have an older version of the trainer but because the camera is fixed on only one side of the character It makes it difficult to peak left sides. 


    Please don't use dropbox again, dropbox is ######.


    -Major Trump

  6. Dude how can I install or activate your 1st person/third person mod for Original Ghost Recon. 

    I downloaded it but don't know where to go from there

    1. MajorTrump


      Don't know if you figured it out but to use it first start the game then alt+tab out and start the trainer then alt+tab back into the game and if you're using the latest trainer then you press O for tp and i for FP once you're INGAME IE during a mission or if your using an older version, same rules apply. Only real difference is the button, the button that activates tp is the key next to backspace, 2 button right of 0(not numpad)

  7. thanks for telling me about Harntrox's work, I'll definitely check it out, however i would still like to tinker with my original idea of making the AI take cover like they do when a grenade is thrown at them. its a simple and yet game changing edit that would make things a little bit more interesting. i imagine in Harntrox's work the AI still walk around waiting for you to engage them. all I'm after is a way to make them hide so that it doesn't turn into a game of "shoot the moving/ stationary targets from across the map" i want to find them, hunt them, get shot when I'm not moving behind cover, stuff like that. all possible with this simple change, i think.
  8. i was playing firefight coop with a few friends on game ranger recently and it just started to bug me that the AI just stand around or casually walk around till they happen to spot a player and try and shoot them. i thought to myself; if i was charged to guard an area as these enemy AI are supposed to be, i would not be casually walking around waiting for someone to shoot me like an idiot. i would find some cover near by, make it look like the place is unguarded and cap anyone who strolled in, due to the fact they didn't see me and thought it was clear. but how would i get the AI to behave this way? then i remembered the times i threw a grenade at an enemy and they all scatter for the nearest cover and turn to face me. this is exactly what i want them to do!!!!, find a good spot to hide and ambush me!!!!. so i fired up IGOR and imported a firefight script and tried to find a way to make all the AI do this after they spawn in random locations. the closest thing i could find is the command "panic company" unfortunately during testing it seems to have the effect of making all enemies put there hands up and surrender, which i think is not the intended function. i need some help to figure out what I'm doing wrong, cause isn't it supposed to make them run for cover? another idea would be to set all actors to invincible then make it rain hand grenades all over the map, then undo the invincible. but i have no idea how to do that. please help me out, a mod like this would be awesome to play. also if i extend the distance they engage enemies at and panic them in a defend mission, it would cause them to sneak up on the base instead of sprint toward it like a headless chicken, like real players!!!
  9. i tried to implement that feature before but i could not locate the base address that held the zoom value, therefore i cant write any code to respond to it. but if u want to turn the mod off and restore the original view when your zooming in , you could just press "]" or "o" till i figure something out. made a trainer that merges the FPWV and TPWV, they don't work well together so the controls are slightly complex, but necessary to make it work; "u" turns on 3rd person "i" turns on first person "o" turns both off press "o" before u switch between them or the camera might freak out, also "o" is the "fix all" button should anything go horribly wrong. "a + space" turns on left side offset "d + space" turns on right side offset "g" turns both off i made it so that the shifts stick and only change when u want it too, therefore to switch sides you must first press "g" to turn the current offset off then select the one u want 32 bit version 64 bit version
  10. i was watching the videos you guys posted earlier in the thread and noticed that you were having trouble clearing right corners because of the camera angle. so i tweaked the third person mod to enable side switching. its held together with duct tape so don't expect anything much from it. the "I" button toggles the model and moves the camera back, the "G" button kills the left/right offset scripts to center the view, the "A" button activates the left side view and the "D" button activates the right side view also the camera is moved back farther like in SEO's videos so you can see more of the Avatar someone please test this and make a video of this and post it in the thread if its bug free, thanks p.s. i know the camera goes through walls, its unfix-able as far as i know unfortunately. 32 bit version 64 bit version
  11. the trainers only work with ghost recon patched to version 1.4, sorry if i didn't make that clear. I made this trainer with a program called cheatengine.exe , it shows you the De-compiled game code (in assembly language) as it is running and enables you to find addresses using data values and delete, edit and insert your own code. i took a few months to find the sections of code required to make these trainers, and i changed some values and inserted some code too. if u like you can run the trainer only and De-compile it using the cheatengine.exe then you can see all of my code in the memory browser section( the memory addresses that are translated to Ascii that is) then just copy and paste into a new "code injection" window, execute it and you will have my working code to tweak to your liking.
  12. @Rocky i gave russiaghost the source code and some advice via private messages and he altered the TPWV and FPWV mod to his liking, he named the file "3rd_person.EXE", seo then got the altered file from him and used it to make the videos posted on this page, he renamed the file TPWV2.exe, and made a bat file which launched ghost recon and then ran TPWV.exe for convenience. i liked the changes he made and i asked him to put a link here so persons viewing the videos would be able to download it. you know the rest...
  13. @Seo can you post a link to TPWV2.exe i dont think anyone but you has it. also thanks for keeping the thread alive with your awesome posts. @Jose21crisis if its similar then i guess it could work as well but you would need to make a trainer to respond to Rogue spear, cause this trainer only responds to Ghostrecon.exe
  14. another awesome looking video, is that a custom camera angle? i don't remember making anything looking like that. could you post a link to all the trainers you use in your videos. also, do you play on "army of ghost" server and game ranger?
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