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  1. Yeah, having the Ghosts wear BDUs and Woodland doesn't stray far from reality. Interestingly enough, the SAS allows their operatives to choose their equipment. ​
  2. A lot of US Army combat helmets in 2014 existed in 2008. SFOD-D used MICH helmets in Baghdad during the first stages of the Iraq War. Just asking whether they had autonomy with their gear is all, though it seems more likely that Special Forces operatives wear equipment based on the region they're operating in.
  3. I've got a question: how much autonomy do US Army Special Forces operatives get in choosing their equipment? It might be nice to give them back their woodland BDUs but have them wearing modern-day, 2014-esque headgear and plate carriers. Y'know, dat sense of individuality.
  4. You should totally add SWAT teams bro, they're so tacticool. /sarcasm ​
  5. There's a Korean 3D modeler that made a lot of great OPSCORE FAST helmets. Unfortunately for you (and us), they were made for Raven Shield. But hey, they are tacticool so I'll just give you a picture of one of his models. ​
  6. Thanks for the help! Currently using the Delta Force skins, though I remain unimpressed by the "hockey" helmets. Looking for a FAST helmet due to its prominence in the SOF community (including law-enforcement).
  7. Here's an example of an OPSCORE FAST helmet on a Spetsnaz operator: ​
  8. Happens with Zebra Straw as well. I'm sure it's because of the American NPCs in that level.
  9. Couldn't have done it without you, thanks. I better bother Apex about it.
  10. I hope you're aware that I already fixed the problem before you posted it. By the way, has Apex been notified of this so he can fix it in b9?
  11. Did not work. I'm not too sure on MO3 because it seemed to have crashed regardless of whether I moved the mouse cursor over Georgian HQ, though it did happen when I ordered my fireteam to move to the eastern side of the map near the HQ so I probably did hover over that position. Found six other instances of UN Peacekeepers however and they mitigated the problem. Unfortunately they do not work with a save game but HU isn't really meant for that so...
  12. I am having problems with a CTD when using the command map on Black Needle. Every time I place my cursor over the village, Ghost Recon crashes. This also happened on MO3, though I am unsure of where that happened. Additional information: I'm running the Heroes Unleashed mod, so that may be a contributing factor.
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