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  1. While Siege is a fun game in its own right. It doesn't even come close to fullfilling the fun and intensity of Tactical Shooters like Classic Ghost Recon. Not every gamer wants to play a competitive PvP game.
  2. Oh is it a Ghost Recon Project or an entirely different one?
  3. I am really enjoying this mod, Especially the enhanced kit selection as well as the new uniforms and factions. An amazing Mod addon to an Epic Mod itself.
  4. Hey Apex I was wondering if it is possible to unlock ALL the weapon kits in either the campaign and missions or both? Perhaps even the uniforms. I saw there was SP kit unlocks in the addons but when I put the Delta Folder it messed up my weapon info Also is there anyways to increase the brightness? The Gamma settings don't help.
  5. 30gbs? Holy beans Apex. Thats a lot of content! I cannot wait!
  6. Just wanted to say thank you again to Apex for making such an incredible and expansive mod. C: long live tactical shooters
  7. I fixed the crashing just by reinstalling the mod. Must of gotten corrupted somehow. I do have a question though. Is there a way to increase the brightness in game? A lot of the game is very dark and turning up the gamma doesnt help, in fact is makes it worse.
  8. Yeah Im getting an issue with crashing. Whenever I quick load or restart a mission I CTD.
  9. I'm a total noob. is there a way to unlock specialists for quick mission or does it have to be done Via Campaign? also thank you so much for the optional addons. It was almost impossible for me to play without Legacy zoom.
  10. I hate to ask, but when do you think the next release would be? Not that I have a lack of missions to do and weapons to play with. Speaking of, is there a way I could get access to all the weapons in the mod? I know there is a very significant amount that is used by the enemies and or only in multiplayer.
  11. Happy Birthday Rocky! Thank you for keeping all of us Ghosts Together.
  12. Those screenshots just show how high quality the weapon models are. They are amazing.
  13. Thank you, and Im sorry for getting salty earlier. I was just trying for like 40 minutes on the first mission of the HU campaign over and over. I still really love the mod. I usually only play with one fire team because I found I was never good at strategy mid combat since I play the "No Deaths" rule. One reason why I like GR so much over RB6 is because you are able to change the plan mid mission.
  14. I've tried on veteran and was still getting the same issues. How would I check to see if my GR is patched to 1.4? Maybe I just suck but its really starting to infuriate me how easily my guys are dying.
  15. So I dont know if Im doing something wrong. But I put the difficulty down to Recruit, and my AI teammates really cant seem to fight at all. Its frustrating because I like to play No Death style and these rebels are just massacring my trained ghosts. Im getting this problem on the HU campaign.
  16. Still looking through the mod, so much content! If only more game devs put this much time and love into their work. one feature I'm in love with is the MP units. I love being able to play as other SF units.
  17. Yeah thats like the only problem I have with this mod. Everything else is perfect.
  18. Well I can't wait to play more now! I'm out of likes to give for today D:
  19. So everything looks really awesome so far. I've only made it 10 mins in because Im needing to go soon, But one thing I noticed was the AI will ALWAYS switch to their secondary whenever they move. Even if we move a couple of steps. Is this intended?
  20. ITS HAPPENED! DOWNLOADING NOW. Thank you so much for keeping this great game alive.
  21. Oh god yes, Xm8 Was my raifu for the longest time as well. RIP in peace Fish gun.
  22. I cant wait to see all the new weapons! Im a huge gun nut and variety in weapons is my fetish. off topic but I go through phases where I'm just obsessed with a certain gun. Right now my current Obsession is a basic M4A1 with carry handle and the rounded barrel.
  23. Either way, I still love Ghost Recon. It's a damn shame the series became so much more casual. I understand it appeals to a wider audience but I can still be salty. Closes thing I have is ARMA 3 which I love. But it still is vastly different. the only Modern day game coming out I'm excited for is Ground Branch
  24. I was curious on your opinion of that immersive first person Mod Apex?
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