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  1. yeah im back my good way with words :lol: and my help with :o= russians that are fruity we all like :o= them i mean if we didnt like killing them we wouldnt play this game here are some real good screenshots i made but ill send them in my third time as a ghost so there will be a trilogy of my times one time i snuck right behind this camper and i shot him in the foot with a pistol but then he turned around and i emptied a clip in his eyes wow those were good times :D i am also very :ph34r: (stealthy) but then i will go in there guns a blazin :o=:o=:o=:o=:o= yeah go ghost recon and i cant wait for gr2 to come out so i can share my times in that game tooo lol bye all wait for my next one :o=:o=:o=

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