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  1. just one thing in i think the second page the ememys dont have m249 they only have the suport version of the ak 47 and an ak 74 and ak47 go rvwp
  2. yeah im back my good way with words and my help with russians that are fruity we all like them i mean if we didnt like killing them we wouldnt play this game here are some real good screenshots i made but ill send them in my third time as a ghost so there will be a trilogy of my times one time i snuck right behind this camper and i shot him in the foot with a pistol but then he turned around and i emptied a clip in his eyes wow those were good times i am also very (stealthy) but then i will go in there guns a blazin yeah go ghost recon and i cant wait for gr2 to come out so i can share my times in that game tooo lol bye all wait for my next one
  3. we need more specialists to russians that stand in our way keep on shooting them russians if we had more to shoot them we could be able to join ladders and start clan wars go to http://rvwp.home.mchsi.com and fill out the join page for us please or email me rvwp sniper at oyster-in-denial@pilemail.com or the clan leader at brandon5b@netscape.net peace
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