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  1. Is it safe, sensible, a good idea to install 2 weoapon mods in the same game? I have the WpnMaster mod installed and it's working fine. Or, Am I overdoing things, Or maybe mad!!! steinbeck
  2. Hello again Zeal' Ok will try Combatability mode and I do use Admin always. Steam, I do have a steam account for skyrim but would I be able to install mods into mghost recon from my disk set? Also, forgot to mention when it is installed the screen looks as though it's in safe mode!! steinbeck
  3. Will Original Ghost REcon play on Win 7? I have tried to install it, All + both patcheseverything installs, then jst goes to descktop or locks up. Is there some way to install on my PC with Win 7 on it. Especially as I have all the disks for the mods for all three Ghost Games. now. steinbeck
  4. Well, after all that and with the changed file from Zeal, there is no difference in the game. I still don't mhave any air option on my tac map so there is no way I can destroy the ADAT. I do see the air at the bottom of my team list as it should be but can't select it in any way, except I scroll down to it it highlights then nothing. Can't fire it from there either. I never had any of this trouble when I first played some years ago. I can't think of anything else to do now. So, after all that I may as well uninstallm it. BOO HOO! steinbeck
  5. To Blame and Zeal. I have just realised what I have been doung wrong. I can only blame it on all this weird medication I on for an extreme viral chest infection. Anyway, I was doing exactly as you describe Blame. In fact tried it 3 times. What I was doing wrong was..........I was NOT pasting int the file page but tying to elect the file without opening it before pasting. I do know to do that normally. Sorry for all the hard work I have you both and Thanks for being patient with me.
  6. When I go to MediaFire ,My Account. theer is no file but the contentss of the file are. In the top left is the title of the Media pagethe , that does'nt do anything either . So far, I have tried download, share, and copy none of these do anything when I copy there is no paste otion either to my desktop or the actual game file in settings. With download I save but the file appears to be empty. Sorry this is taking up so much of your time. I'll have to owe you a drink I guess. steinbeck
  7. Zeal! hello. All of that is exactly what Im did before I asked my question. Having saved to my Zeal Folder on my desctop I copy it but when I open GRAW and try to paste into the old ctrl there is no paste option.?? If I open the file on the desktop there is nothing there. I also tried 'share' Could it be that your upload is not a older but it's the complete list as one would get opening the file all down the page
  8. Well thanks for this. I can now see the file in my MediaFire, I have just tried to 'share' which allows me to copy, cant paste on my desktop. Tried d/l into a folder named Zeal on my desktop file is empty. NOw how do I get it onto desktop? please.
  9. Window 7 was installed by my Tech guy who maintains my PC and Laptop REF your or in IE, you should get a prompt at the bottom of the browser asking you to open or save the file, if you press the little arrow next to save, you can "save as" there you can save it to your desktop. making it easier to find. Are you saying it's on MediaFire , the new file ? Because I cnnot see the one you have done anywhere
  10. I use IE so really not sure where itr is. Sorry can you explain a little more for me please. In my Downlooads, I have something 'GWX3_1.bin and aslo 'X17_24209Windows 7 All the other in there I know, just these two I don't know.
  11. Thank You. Now, how do I get it back to my desktop?
  12. Sorry about the late reply. Got asked to do some signing stuff this afternoon. Just back now 10-00pm. Anyway I had managed to get it on here and it seems to have gone. Do you have it now? if not I shall do it again. steinbeck. Here it is again: http://www.mediafire.com/view/a48squee1laa2as/ctrl_set_def.xml
  13. So I can't see the file which I put here for you have you taken it#?
  14. Exactly where is here please. I know,I am stupid , just never had all of this before with any games! steinbeck http://www.mediafire.com/listen/cflb3cfv9krkw5r/9._Celtic_Woman_-_You'll_Be_In_My_Heart.mp3 My, I'getting better by the minute. here it is the file!! Where are the save files?I have looked in My Docs, Appdata , Virtual MAchines . can't think where else they can be
  15. |Where exactly is 'Here Sorry to be such an idiot
  16. Herel meaning where? I know I must sound stupid but I've never had to do all this before Here being 'where' excatly? I must sound stupid never had all this before
  17. It's in my MediaFire 'My Files' What info do you need to access this now. Don't really know how I got it there so will try somethig else also
  18. Well sign I did. Now Ihave apage open on MF for me showing My Files etc but it asks me to create anew file , asks for a na,e but what name I don't know I tries the actual name, wont accept ctrl_set_def So how to proceed! Team Viewer is alotm easier with remote access Look at the mistakes in my last!!!!!
  19. If you had 'Team Viewer' you would be able to access my PC. But I just tried to D/L it and Sandboxie wont let me. MediaFire? So I have to sign up first?
  20. Re your earlier comment and action the Air strike in the TacMap, well there is no aircraft showing in the normal place ie where the Drone sits line. It still doesn't allow me to fire it when I highlighThinking of going to bed for a week, I am so fed up now because I obviously cant progress further. If I knew where the saves wewre kept I may think aaaaaaaaabout savine some then reinstalling with just the ModCombo installed, The Female mod self intalled but can't see it anywhere
  21. No,I get the black usually looking round corners or when I'm close to a building. Hasn't happened until I started on the last leg of the Embassy mission going down the long avenue, and looking for the Anti- Air Will try the xpatchbundle ~: Done now. I bought a retail disk when the game first appeared, already had the Ghost Recon + disk set. |I have just bought a new GRAW disk from Amazon UK ,' just in case' although this one seems ok. steinbeck
  22. Blame. yes 1st thing I tried when I reloade it worked fine to see if I can select air when I get there again. Maybe a faulty mouse? I think although it works fine out of game I also keep getting all black when I use scope. That gets me killed a lot now. especially on corners Getting fed up a bit!!!! steinbeck
  23. Thanks KRP 56 I was just going to ask another question but found my CapsLock is on I am trying to call in an airstrike to take out a antiAir on the way to the US embassy. When I select the strike and press the mouse button I get my scope. Everything is working properly up to this point what's the problem, was it the Capslock ? steinbeck
  24. I'm confused (apart from recovering from illness). When I look in Categories I see: Other than Future Soldier and the online stuff Ghost Recon then further down Ghost Recon 2. Under that Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter. then further down again Ghost Recon Advanced WarFighter 2 . So my question is which section exactl;y is for GRAW 1? because I dio have the original disk set for Ghost Recon and where do I find both DS and IT as I assume they ar both updated for GRAW 1 Thank You steinbeck
  25. Although off topic I lived there for 9 years back 2 now. I said much earlier "Were you Dutch" Thinking 'Zealand' in your username. thought then you were not English. anyway thanks again I shall wqait for the disk set to arrive
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