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  1. Hi all! I'm releasing a standalone sound mod for Ghost Recon. The Xbox releases of the games used much higher quality sounds than the PC version did, and I'm not sure why. The console had more space constraints than the PC. Either way, most of the sounds remain identical, only their bitrate has changed from 22500 to 44100, resulting in a much clearer sound. Voices see the biggest benefit, your team will sound much better, and the Ethiopian enemy soldiers sound like actual people now!!! The quality of their voices has always bothered me, but it has now been dramatically improved. Some soun
  2. Hi all, Today I am releasing update 2.4.0. This is a massive update in terms of additions (and size!) The Island Thunder conversion gets the most changes this update. This update sees few game play additions, but most importantly, A SOUND UPDATE!!! This is an update I've wanted to do for a while but it was too overwhelming to me due to my work life. Small sound addition here, small sound addition there in prior updates, but I've finally been able to set time aside and work on this. This mod includes many changes to the sound of the game. These files were used in the Xbox version, they sou
  3. Hi all, I'm starting a thread since there is a roadblock in the development of the GR:XC and IT:XC mods. Here are my questions: How do I add a ambient flash when shooting a gun? e.g. A yellow light around the player to illuminate the surroundings as well. How do I allow other platoons for co-op game modes other than blue team? How do I export .wmv into .avi without sacrificing quality too much, but also at a respectable size rather than 1GB+? How do I make sounds deeper for a short moment (additionally, add a heartbeat) when an explosion went off near a player to
  4. Hi all, I'm releasing the last update for quite a while. This does not mean development has stopped or that I will be off of the forums from now on, but it does mean that a roadblock has been placed in development. There is not much else I can do or add from this point on. The next plans are to add the Xbox maps and allow different platoons to be selected for co-op modes, but this is where development is halted since there is no way known to be able to do this. But 2.3.6 brings a few fixes and changes, notably changes to the training mission, namely how dialogue boxes pop up and sounds to
  5. Hi all, I'm releasing update 2.3.5, it's a rather small update for GR:XC, with the biggest change is adding a zoom for all grenade launchers. Island Thunder sees a bit of a bigger change, allowing you to now play as all the specialists in Island Thunder, as well as a few more voice changes for variation. Both mods have more items in the Extras folder as well. I'm in the process of figuring out if I can get all platoons to be enabled for a co-op game, but that's a trick all on its own now. The next best step I can take with this mod is adding the Xbox exclusive missions and explosion effec
  6. Hi all, I'm releasing a 2.3.4 update for both mods. It includes a reworked HUD, color changes, and a few fixes. And most importantly, a zoom on the M136! Ghost Recon: Xbox Conversion 2.3.4 Download: ***Removed, newer version available*** Island Thunder: Xbox Conversion 2.3.4 Download: ***Removed, newer version available***
  7. Hi all, I'm releasing another small update. This one addresses a few sounds that wouldn't play correctly (the M24 and crouch + prone sounds) and added much higher quality weapon sounds used in the Xbox version for all weapons. Ghost Recon: Xbox Conversion 2.3.3 Download: ***Removed, newer version available*** Island Thunder: Xbox Conversion 2.3.3 Download: ***Removed, newer version available***
  8. Hi all, I'm releasing another update for both versions of the Xbox conversion. They include a few fixes, a few changes in sound and the HUD and the addition of Dossier Challenges. Given that the mod is getting close to the end of development (there's not much more that I can do besides porting over the Xbox missions) I've included an extras folder. This includes a developer's note from me, the videos used in the Xbox version that I cannot get to work on PC due to the file size and the Dossier Challenges for each version. Note, that the challenges will not actually unlock anything like it
  9. I wonder what we could do to crack this. To my knowledge, the Xbox versions used the same engine for the most part during development. We've gotten as far as opening the structure of the map up with 3D Max but everything is just blank. I've reached out to Ubisoft's corporate office and requested the release of the SDK used to develop Ghost Recon. I might hear back from them on Monday.
  10. I tried opening it with 7-zip, but I had no success. Any ideas anyone? I'd love to add the Xbox maps to the PC version, I think that's the last possible thing that I could add to the Xbox version, some maps have changes on the Xbox and being the "Xbox Conversion," I'd love to recreate the most authentic experience of the Xbox version possible for PC players who don't have access to it. Of course I can't add the Dossier ranking system the Xbox had, and the HUD will never be perfect, but like I said, I'd like maximum authenticity possible.
  11. Hi all, I'm releasing a small fix update for both GR:XC and IT:XC. There were some errors with some of the multiplayer kits that would cause the game to crash and some kits appearing even when the restrictions should have prohibited those kits. Huge shout out to Wombat50 for checking through for bugs I missed! Ghost Recon: Xbox Conversion 2.3.1 Download: ***Removed, newer version available*** Island Thunder: Xbox Conversion 2.3.1 Download: ***Removed, newer version available***
  12. Hi all, I've been hard at work porting over some more changes from the Xbox Version and I'm proud to announce, with the great help of Wombat50 (you go man!) versiob 2.3! This is a pretty big update for the Ghost Recon: Xbox Conversion mod, a little smaller for the Island Thunder: Xbox Conversion mod. This update brings female multiplayer characters to the game! It also includes important fixes to specialist kits, as some of them had improper equipment from the displayed equipment. Additionally, more multiplayer kits have been added to further extend the sandbox. If you have any troub
  13. I should've downloaded Heroes Unleashed a long time ago, and now I'm trying to with the downloads section down. 😭
  14. Hello all! I'm releasing a Weapon Tuning update for today. I've slightly nerfed the viability of the G36K but increased how well it handles. The AWP and G3 also received a buff. There are other minor changes alongside these. Ghost Recon Xbox Conversion 2.2.1 Download: ***Removed, newer version available*** Island Thunder Xbox Conversion 2.2.1 Download: ***Removed, newer version available*** I'm looking to add the Xbox version's ending, but when I export the videos into AVI they're ridiculously massive. Anybody have any insight with this, please private message me! With this
  15. Thanks for the feedback! It was easy for the most part, adding the weapons in the game files and referencing them was the harder part to get it to cooperate so I could directly port it over. I'm thinking of further tuning the weapons. I based the weapons off of the most similar version when I ported them, making a few adjustments to stabilization and the tightness of the reticule. I just remember the G36 being super satisfying to use, as a blend between the stopping force of the M16 and the mobile, fast reacting M4, and I think I recreated that quite well. And staying in tune with that, t
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