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  1. Sorry for that, My changes > actors from "Serpantine Dream Theory", Heroes are "originals" ,Guns are mostly from different mods (no original guns) but reworked on the RSB file ,sound , gun file, personals reticles or modified from differents sources ...Hud and interface is personal work from "Decenium" etc...Perhaps , too much changes for a replay on a standard G.R. i try myself (my own GR is a mod ) to use it on my clean install of GR and see what is on ...
  2. Oups, my mistake , i think i have made the good replay of the good mission ! This one is my last (end) with very minor adjustments of a zone ...sorry for that , here is the good one . m14_mountain_p_v3 (end).mis
  3. Thanks for try again ! yes , it's difficult to have both Bradley's intact , but if you take "top of the hill" before the Bradley arrive to house (same time than rpg) you can shoot them first . I join the new replay (i deleted the first), hope it's work but it's also possible to make a video capture in place ? if you can read it , you see than i leave Bradley be destructed to verify if the US soldiers follow the new plan , instead of remain on place and it work ! Happy that you enjoy the mission, i plan ,as i said later,to search other triggers to avoid that the Tanks (or vehicle in general) make erratics paths if you are not at good triggering zone. willow bow_p_v3.rpf
  4. Here are my defenitive (!) version of M14 mission with improved paths and steps for allied soldiers . they can help you in final assault ,even if the bradleys are destroyed . Good Game. m14_mountain_p_v3.mis
  5. Heuhhh, i don't see that for now , today , i improve the path of the allied soldier and play it several times but i have not this result ...thanks to try again ๐Ÿ˜‰ I try myself to reproduce the issue but, no way for now ...if you have won the mission ,perhaps it's one of the tank (or us soldiers) who survive the AT and lead the final assault alone ? I verify the script and you need really to kill the camp soldiers to achieve the mission...If you have the "replay" of the mission , can you join it here to see what 's happen ??? I go also to make an another post for the problem of the paths of the vehicles ,when you don't wait they have finished their way and then, go for the following step . As i try the mission an other way , it's happen ,i go faster than Bradley and it cross (!) mountain to rejoin the following waypoint , very disturbing .But it's happen in other missions with vehicle, not only this one ...I don't know how to prevent this , an idea ??? Perhaps , the triggers who rules them must to be not dependant of the player and only to the scripted AI ??? Fine week-end for all .
  6. For me the better , it's to take the hill before to send the bradley to the house , shoot the 3 soldiers above and wait for the rpg who arrive as the tank is on the house...for south , climb above south pass , you arrive with the soldier and a rpg , easy to take off , after you have time for the sniper . i join my own replay but i don't know if it's working with an other configuration ? willow bow_p.rpf
  7. Here we go again ,i post today my defenitive (!) version of M14 mission: - i keep RussiaGhost path at the house , but do more Bradley paths and triggers . - I replace the AT4 of AT soldiers by RPG7 (more normal for russians) - i add two more AT ,one for South Pass and one for North , in fact , i recover the two soldiers who do nothing with "sneak action" , they are a little difficult to take off ,so,after the two pass taken ,proceed cautiously to the camp (final assault). - As the US soldiers who follow Bradley's do nothing if they are destroyed , add two path ( after the last two AT i add) to continue to the camp (final assault) , i don't know if it's a good idea ... - Add name of Russiaghost in briefing for help to the path ! For me only : - 2 x 5 US soldiers , in place of 3 - Delete in scrips the MG hiding value for veterans , keep that only for easy... - Add a tank in Russian Camp , more challenging ( and realist !) , add in briefing the need of AT. I try to see why the AT ,some times, blow themself, but it's happen when they abandon the original point where they are intended to shoot tanks , move and try but they are not in correct place . In example , the one above south pass and the one above hill house try to go down to the pass or to the house ...It's seems that the AI detect you or a danger in vicinity and force soldier to find and other way ! Strange , because their behaviour ( step properties) are all on "lock" and not on "set" ...i test the mission in cheat mod "shadow" and as you are not detectable , the AT do the job ! a further explanation ??? Thanks for reading this and testing !m14_mountain_p_V2.mis
  8. And thanks ,Wombat, to try my own M14 mission ...It's possible to make an alternate road for the North Bradley , but better , i think ,like i said to RussiaGhost , to plan that the two tanks start at the same place ,split, and after , in place of a long run to the camp ,wait at a place a little ahead ...need to add one more path each (4 for north and 3 for south). It"s can be interresting , in case of RPG risk to recon , before assault, with the tanks in safe place. I don't succeed to add more than 4 objectives ( it's seems not possible) but only to have 2 objectives (conditions to) in one. In example ,the Centcom=rmx03= Dingo's Lair have that "kill aa + rescue pilot" ! I agree that the Bradley's going to the camp (safe !) will be challenging .
  9. Thanks also , Eisenhauer, for the new font .res . It work perfectly in the menus and game ! but, on my GR , some text are too large for some main menus , so i think that we can try a" medium font.res" ??? do you make the change in an text editor ? As you said , i have , at the first try , odd caracters in menus (not in game) but i use the HU new_font_revised.rsb , so ,i return to the original one ,and , tadahhhh ! Thanks again , again a new possibility of customisation of GR ,not documented yet ...
  10. Thanks ,RussiaGhost, for the improved path ...it's better than ever and the Bradley don't get stuck ! But, in my case , the RPG soldier blow the tank without problem , if you don't shoot him before . I continue to work on this map because i want to add an another RPG to defend Russian Camp and i find that the Bradley's are a little late to help your attack on the objectives . Perhaps , i try also an another way like i do on a Zapad81 mission with same map (rs16) where the two tanks start on the road south and split at the "south pass" objectives ...
  11. Thanks for trying, for my _p version, i don't change the first path and i try the original with not this problem ... but it remain stuck in the house later ! With the original ; the tanks are useless ,too late for help : the south Bradley go to the final assault practically when my soldier is almost in the Russian camp ! I try to keep the original first path (shorter) for the north Bradley but don't succeed, too much obstacles ...so , it's a long way to the house .Perhaps , better to keep the first path to the house and in a second time ,go reverse to the alternate path , (same i make) the blue line ??? I don't see the Bradley take the alternate road , it's move always to the house . The Bradleys who wait when there is an ennemy remain or hiding is painful , perhaps it's need to change the behaviour of the tank ,like "Combat ROE" on Assault ??? A big draw also ,with vehicles, it's when they have several and separate paths , if you go too quickly , you engage an other trigger and the tank change of direction to the second paths ,with odd consequences ! i use in my _p mission ,bloc preserve & remove for each moves , so i hope it's the good way to do. But, the better is to wait for the tank has finished his move , not easy if you don't know their destination . I think also that the RPG's soldier is take out by AI , and no "sneak action" for me ! I go to put an enemy AT (or 2) for challenge .
  12. Hi, i attach the M14 mission i remix to have better path's for Bradley's ,it's seems to work in accordance to the scenario ... Effectively ,I see in the script that there are a "sneak action" from an actor , South Pass (who, how ???) and one who is supposed to blow the North Bradley with RPG , North Path, but , i don't see him in action anyway ..For better challenge , i will add (or revamp script) to have at least one RPG ...Thanks for your try and comments ! PS: I rename the mission in m14_mountain_p , so you can leave the original in place . m14_mountain_p.mis
  13. Good idea ! i try also to see "ingame" but my native rรฉsolution is 2560*1440, so it's a big drop but , at first sight , not too much ugly , just the ratio ...i must find the good one. In fact , the game was made for a time where the HD standards was 1280*1024 ๐Ÿ˜„ For the collision problems , i go back to the M14 mission (Willow Bow) and re-play it > effectively , Bradley's (or BMP for RussiaGhost ? ) start very lately , remain stuck or doesn't perform the final assault script ! so, i remix it for a try (path,triggers,zones..) and now the Bradley goes to final assault in time , a more useful help ...(like in real). Perhaps , put one (or more) RPG's on the way will be more challenging ...support the supports ! If you want a try , i can send you the mission ? For the font size in boxes , Even Apex have not find a way ??? Sincerely.
  14. Ok, i understand the limitations of GR in the management of vehicle , even i find quite ridiculous the exemple of a tank ,bloked by a bush ๐Ÿ˜...For the problem you talk about ,for collision with the walls , it can be arranged in Igor (change start location, path..) What is the name of the mission (in Centcom, GR missions) ?
  15. Thanks for the file ,but , i think i have already use it (from "Blood oil " i think) but it change all interface text in yellow ...i try this one and ,in fact , i think also to use ,in place of the message boxes, the text who appear (bigger font and yellow or red) on the upper left on the screen ...in scripts ,i think it is "displaymessageall/player...) For the hummer and bridge ,same problem with a bmp ,so ,it's certainly the map ...i look closely to that but i am not really competent with maps , it's the good time to learn
  16. Thanks for this quick answer ! Good idea to capitalize text of messages , in waiting of someone with an other solution ? Or also to type in messages who are yellow , red on screen ? I go verify the map for my hummer ...i had also the same problem with an hostage ! The comprehension of paths and their logic is someting tricky ...And what do you think of my reflexion on the inability for heavy vehicle to overpass some (very little ) obstacles on their way , did you think it can be changed somewhere ? And for Centcom Team , is it possible to put on Download some modified version of their missions without an express permission ???
  17. Hi, i wish also to join the Centcom Team because i work on several missions (complete them or deeply modify) but it's to be impossible now ?
  18. Hi every one , i hope everybody are in a good health in this mondial pandemic ? i go back in my way to mod GR (help during quarantine !!!) a little further and i wish to know a way to increase the size of fonts in the "messageboxforall" because they became smaller and smaller as i became old (sob...) I don't find anything on forum or in the fine mods i use ,even in "Heroes Unleashed" ... I have also a problem with humvee i want to use in the Centcom Mission "Prison" , it cannot succeed to climb the wood bridge ,face to the door of the prison, and it remain stuck in the middle ! strange or normal ? can i change something in .vcl file ? As i progress in my use of Igor to make or rmx missions (for my use ) , i am already surprise by the inability of a tank or truck ...to pass a little twig and remain stuck on it ! Is it a know limitation of the vehicles in G.R ? Thanks a lot for your interrest in my questions Sincerely..
  19. Thanks for your answer ! if i understand, it is better to use "assign kit" instead of "replenish inventory " command but this "replenish" command is more logical as you can conserve the weapons you have at the start of the mission ...too bad ,if nothing is possible to change ...
  20. Hi , and happy new year , the best for all ! I came back to improve some missions i make ( or improve ) and i have a problem when i use "ammo box" for reload and the "replenish inventory" command ...it's work well with ammo ,AT rockets, frags ...but when the actor who have a kit with "bombs item" , go to the ammo box , he can only "replenish" with only 1 bomb !!! (whatever the number of bombs in the kit) Thanks if anyone have an idea of the problem .๐Ÿ™‚
  21. Thanks a lot for to have take time to answer and your advice's ...as i understand , with the limitation of GR to simple modding , the making of a weapon seems difficult ! i make in Photoshop my own reticles and successfully modify the RSB files of weapons that i want to improve to have more details on it but , for exemple, don't succeed to add or remove a silencer , a scope , mags ....the operation leave a white "ghost" of the removed part or a mess of pixels with the added one . The exemple furnished in the zip from Marcinko discourage me , i have no access to 3DS Max and learn how to use it seems tricky ! in fact , i hoped that i can find a real good tuto and to use a simpler tool than 3DS max,mostly for the simple modification i want to make ...Thanks again for time and happy new year !
  22. Bouuuhhh ! i can only do the first mission in the campaign and the second one crash ...so ,i try to unlock the missions by Igor but succeed only to open a few one . And two crash again after that , finally , i don't know if it is possible to do the entire original campaign who seems very problematic ! i go to Igor to see if it is easily repairable or if exist an other patch ? sincerely .
  23. Perfecto ! i start the campaign ,thanks ...
  24. Thanks ( a lot) ! i go try this mod now but ,in fact ,the patch is the same files than the "normal" download (the complete mod) and not a patch....so,same issue, the game crash at the launch of the first mission . any other link for the real patch (if it exist) ?
  25. Hi, somebody have a link (or the file ) of the V1.2 patch for "Armored Core 4" ? I am trying this mod that i have never tried before but it crash on the launch of the first mission with C.D.T, and the link to the patch is broken ....Thanks in advance and very happy new year for everybody of the "GR" community ,the best for all
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