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  1. I don't know ... Is there a quota? Would it work in a private message? 😉
  2. Hello Don, How it is possible ? Do I have to stay connected to the forum to keep it available? papashvili_waves.mis
  3. Hello, I'm trying to complete a new mission "Papash Waves, but the Russian tank I placed is barely advancing ... graphics performance problem? I wanted to know if someone would have time to check if this has the same result. I placed it next to the camp. 😉 Speed : 3.00 m/s Thank you. papashvili_waves.mis
  4. Yes 😉 I would like to do the same for certain actors.
  5. Hello Don, Thank you. How do I get my characters to appear there? Should I create "path" folders? For Papashvili, I saw that there were 5 files according to the contents of m01_papashvili : <ActorFile> <VersionNumber>1.000000</VersionNumber> <ArmorLevel>2</ArmorLevel> <FolderName/> <ActorName>Papashvili</ActorName> <ClassName>demolitions</ClassName> <ModelFace>ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver.rsb</ModelFace> <BlinkFaceName>ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver_blink.rsb</BlinkFaceName> <ActionFaceName/> <ShellFaceName/> <KitPath/> <ModelName>ICE_Rebel_Leader_1ver.chr</ModelName> <LOD2>ICE_Rebel_Leader_1ver_a.chr</LOD2> <LOD3>ICE_Rebel_Leader_1ver_b.chr</LOD3> <Weapon>5</Weapon> <Stamina>5</Stamina> <Stealth>5</Stealth> <Leadership>6</Leadership> </ActorFile>
  6. Je voudrais ajouter quelques personnages du jeu à mon mod. Comment fais-je ? J'ai ma petite idée mais j'ai besoin d'être confirmée. Par exemple: Papashvili. De quels fichiers ai-je besoin? Face: ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver.rsb (dans le dossier Texture?) Blink: ICE_Rebel_Leader_head_2ver_blink.rsb (dans le dossier Texture?) LOD 1: ICE_Rebel_Leader_1ver.chr (dans le dossier Character?) LOD 2 : ICE_Rebel_Leader_1ver_elb_Lel .chr (dans le dossier Caractère?) Quoi d'autre ? (George, aide-moi! Lol) Je voudrais également transférer: Moroshkin, Warlord et Priego.
  7. How do we play co-op on Ghost Recon? There may be more people today ... Penalizing. 😕
  8. Hello Don, I also think it's only for video. I see who the two actors are in Mission 03 of High Sierra of Island Thunder. He could have been an actor of Origmiss but he is therefore absent in the missions. Thank you very much, Don 😉
  9. Bonjour, J'ai longtemps remarqué que dans cette mission, les chars ne sont pas très synchronisés avec leurs trajectoires. 😮 Raison? J'ai un Intel Core i5 i7 in Windows 10 😉 Je souligne également que ma carte Nvidia GeForce 840M est morte. 😕 Je précise également que je n'ai rien modifié à la mission. 👍
  10. Hello Don, You are a boss and the advantage is that you know English well. For my part I would not have guessed that the hostages were in Script> Edit ... In kinematics, does this actor exist in the file?
  11. Hello, I have a question: Can we manually extend the platoon via files ? Possible with Resource Hacker ? I could simply add 3 soldiers. rifleman, sniper, support or demolition. Look the picture. Look the line COMBOBOX. 1 COMBOBOX = 1 soldier. Correct ? 6 COMBOBOX = 6 soldiers. Correct ? Added 3 COMBOBOX = 3 soldiers. Correct or not correct ?
  12. Hello Don, For create hostage, I followed the timeline. 1) Open the originale mission, 2) Create Platoon Allied>Team>Actor 3) Go in Script>Edit... for create hostages. 4) File>Save As... 5) Create the tank and Plan>Wrait>Path>... or copy / paste the plan from the note pad to the new note pad. Indeed, as soon as I placed the tanks, Igor does not want to take into account a new creation of hostages. Here, the mission is OK. papashvili_invasion.mis
  13. Hello, I do not know this mission. I have an Iron Dragon mission that I modified thanks to the help of Wombat (Don) Name the mission : Papashvili Invasion | 01 - Papash Attack 😂 . The enemies are all Papashvili.🤣 Works with the Origmiss extension. No need for Mp1 and Mp2. I created a mod, but I only use the actors and maps of Origmiss. 😉 papashvili_invasion.mis
  14. Ok, I remember it now. 4 years ago, I did it so that my original GR had the soldiers of Heroes Unleashed. 😉 Only, I no longer have the path of the image. I still have these current images. So many memories. 😍 Maybe I could find a trace on the forum. In my subject from 4 years ago. Edit : Windows XP ... "lol". Today I have Windows 10 ...
  15. Microsoft should stop updating security updates. This prevents games from working... I have the game "Who wants to earn millions" in version in francs. And I have the junior version in euros. Both do not work in Windows 8 and 10. 😭
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