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  1. Anyway you guys want to help me get mine? PSN ID- BroBeeOneKanobi
  2. If you need someone to play coop send me a request my PSN ID is BroBeeOneKanobi. I have a mic
  3. PSN ID- BroBeeOneKanobi Hi all, just bought GRFS for PS3 had the game on 360 been playing it since launch, but now I have to start over. I already have most of the coop gunsmith back just need to finish the EMP challenge in the (Invisible Bear) coop mission and the two Guerrilla challenges for the Kard & Saiga 12. I re-downloaded all the DLC and uplay content so I can play with anyone, also I have a headset so communication is not a problem. I'm looking for a clan to join so please send a request if your interested in having me onboard. I'm on mountain time so let me know what zone your in. Look forward to hear form you. -BroBeeOne
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