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  1. Did i dude? Whats the textures name buddy?? Me kinda lost for thinking of what i put in there!!!???? Laters
  2. Hey there fellas Glad to see some criticisim coming through now it always good to get some 'bad' feedback so as to improve. There was a couple of issues with the sounds of a couple of weapons and am still working on it so bare with me @ STU_Snake - thanx dude, anything in particular you after or would like to see? @ Supermoto - yeah no worries dude, i'll drop you a pm or email with details for ya buddy Thanx again fellas Laters
  3. Thanx for the vote of confidence Cpl Ledanek, have followed the Starship Troopers thread and am looking forward to the mod Glad you liked and hope you enjoy for a while yet buddy Laters DVS1
  4. Fair point there LeadMagnet, most of the sounds were taken from the real weapons dude, maybe the volume needs adjusting??? I'll crack on and see what me can do Thanx again dude
  5. Hi guys @gulf01 - i hear what you say on the 9mm SMG being a little weak, will look into it dude, I made the M249 with a supressor bud and fell in love with it Anything I make in the future I will be sure to make a suppressed version just for you ya evil dude @ogre_h - i'll definately look into the 9mm stopping power as a couple of you guys have mentioned it Glad you like the combo of M203 and 9mm Suppressed, the reason of the M203v2 is cos I made a 2nd version of the weapon, hence V2 buddy The reticles got a mixed response when I released them a while ago and its down to personnal preference to use them or not, but I went with using them with the mod for realism really, so feel free to edit them back to GR rets if ya prefer dude. I saw the MC51 and thought it would be rude not to model that baby!!! Hope y'all are having fun and enjoy using the mod Laters guys n gals DVS1
  6. @ gulf01 do you think the silenced weapons need adjustment in the gun file buddy? Its cool if you think they do its the feedback of the negative nature i@m looking for so that I may improve the mod as best i can buddy. @Mamon glad you like my baby worked quite hard on that ###### and was chuffed at the outcome of the end result, the side grip was a last mintue touch that i added, pity that the wrist of the ghost cant be swivelled so that the hand can look like its holding the weapoin properly Anyone else who wants to add any type of good or bad input please come forward and let me know Laters DVS1
  7. Coming from you Sixpence I feel completely chuffed! Your work is some of the best out there buddy many thanx dude
  8. Yeah I know what you saying dude, me tried playing with that ages ago and couldnt get it sorted. Tried to edit the sr_mask for each reticle but cos it shows a 1/4 of the screen whatever reticle has to displayed has to be symetrical too which is a pain in the butt The reticles are available as a seperate download on my site if ya interested buddy? Laters
  9. Thanx for the input ~NkOgNiTo~, i hope this is what your after dude Sniper Reticle M249 Iron Sights ACOG Reticle MC51 Iron Sights Aimpoint Reticle M203 Reticle Trijicon Reflex Reticle Hopefully this will give you some idea of what some of the reticles look like, where possible I made them slightly see-through. Hopes this answers your question buddy Laters DVS1
  10. Have you got anymore pic of the ejection port and cocking handle tollen? Just for reference dude and then me can go about editing it.
  11. Hey Tollen Sorry it taken so long but work has intervened Here's a screenie of the textured AK5 not sure I'm happy with the cocking handle section of the texture but this is what its like so far dude Let me know what ya think dude Laters
  12. Looking good there dude!! Ya modelling is darn good!! Keep up the good work and supply the community with loads more big boys toys
  13. Sorry forgot to say before anyone points it out that the M203 on some weapons doesnt have the iron sights on thats one little mistake on my part, me so eager to get these buggers out that me forgot! Sorry bout that guys
  14. Awwwwwww shucks guys ya making me blush Thanks for the votes of confidence. I've sent a pm to Rocky to try and get a bit of shameful PR on the news pages, so hopefully soon it'll be posted. Glad you guys like what I've done, would have included the standard GR rets option but didnt know how to do and option within the mod spose I could've released 2 different versions but me just wanted to get it out and see the feedback from the community. Thanks again for the kind words and hope the mod is enjoyed Laters DVS1
  15. Glad ya like them Lancer, I thought the MC51 was a micky take at first but then realised it real and well.........deserved to be made Worked pretty hard on this wee mod but learned alot and hope it appeals to most players. Feedback still wanted and welcome Laters
  16. Hey there guys I've finally released My Weapons Mod guys if anybody interested??? Its a 16mb download so it nice and friendly to the 56k users too Any more info wanted on the mod before downloading then this thread My Weapons Mod Thread Here's the download link My Weapons Mod Download Just scroll to bottom of page and click on the picture Once activiated you have to restart the game for the full effects to take place. Please give me some feedback good or bad so I may improve on future mods guys Thanks guys and have fum with the big boys toys Laters
  17. Hey there buddy Can always try this site : Ares Defence Systems or Gulf Coast Armoury Both are excellent sites and well worth a look dude DVS1
  18. Thanx dude Me not learned how to do characters yet bud so me afraid arnie gonna have to wait for a while Still digesting the info you sent, man alot of unlucky bad guys out there if these rifles are ever made!!! Watch this space
  19. Glad ya like em Tollen Me not mean to be thick but............ I'm not really up to speed with the AK5 family, what the difference between the versions? If ya send me any pics of weapons you'd like I'll have a go at them for ya Will get some more screenies up when they textured Laters
  20. Here ya go Tollen, is it something like this you after?? Made a couple of slightly different prototypes so ya can pick and choose there's no texture on the weapon as yet but you can get the rough idea, the white section on the short section of link is an alpha channel and the long section of link will be alpha channel as well. Unsure of the sizing of the AN-PVS10 too, any help on the sizing would be appreciated Bofors Ak5 with C-Mag (texture requires editing on C-Mag) OR With short section of link:- With long section of link:- Choice is yours dude
  21. Yo Tollen!! The email came through fella, will do my untmost to post ya a pic tonight for ya Got a few ideas for this one too Me post soon
  22. w8 one buddy going thru it just now
  23. Hey there dudes Me will have a stab at most things really so if ya want a rifle made for ya drop me a line @ Tollen - me not got an email yet dude, I'm drooling to get to work on that nasty looking baby lol @ Invisible - yeah me got em dude, just working my way thru them and having evil thoughts lol laters fellas
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