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  1. Hey guys As the topic title says, has anybody got any good pics of the PVS 14?? I've done a google search and checked a vast amount of web sites for decent pics but at best can only find the 3/4 on shots. Just pleading to you chaps or chappets out there if you have any good quality side and front on pics of the scope and if so.........can I have some please??? Many thanks guys
  2. Hey dude I remember that Sixpence did a mod a while ago whith bergens for the characters, can't recall the type, could have been an Alice pack or something. The mods called "USMC 31st MEU" and here's a link for ya dude USMC 31st MEU Download Hope ya enjoy buddy Laters
  3. Mr Montgomery........................U have mail
  4. Hey avey2904 I've never come across this problem before dude, how could the .gun file not be configured correctly???? I'm interested to learn any new quirks that may affect weapon modding. Thanks buddy
  5. I got an email the other day from a guy that said he'd downloaded my Weapons Mod and that the sniper weapon in my mod namely the L42 and the M85 wont zoom in????? The mod you guys are talking about guys would it be DVS1 Weapons Mod would it? I've never had this problem reported back to me before
  6. @ lexsis I hate to plug my own work but I made a SA80/M203 with RIS in my weapons mod too dude Not as good as the version in the Brit Commando mod but it another version if you wanna check it out buddy Laters
  7. @ Stalker Soz buddy that me!!! I normally do a google search for 'sights' and then go through the pics and find the good ones, me got quite a few if you would like me to send ya some dude?? Laters
  8. Stalker, if you meaning the original ones from GR then they are found in RED STORM ENTERTAINMENT/GHOST RECON/DATA/SHELL/ART folder buddy In the add on disks there in RED STORM ENTERTAINMENT/GHOST RECON/MP(1 OR 2)/SHELL/ART folders Hope that helps ya some dude Laters p.s. yeah Stwey got your email dude and will email it to ya asap buddy
  9. Thanks AUS_Viper for the confirmation that the reticle looks like it should. In the unzoomed pic I have used a standard .rsb reticle and mixed it with the 'sniper rifle' option in IGOR so that when you zoom in the mask_sr.rsb has been edited (not original file though!) to have the surrounding reticle crosshairs and faded ring of the sight. Will take on board the pointers from Stewy and thicken up the cross wires and the donut and then will give it to all who would like Catch ya laters guys
  10. @ Gryphon Sorry bud if I made an optical illusion seem possible but............... (pics not equal to scale either) Sorry dude, made the zoomed pic smaller to fit a 1024 size pic into forums Laters guys
  11. Hey guys Y'all know what me is like with reticles always doing weird things Just to help a newbie out here's my version of the Steyr Aug sight, never handled the weapon nor looked down the sights so please accept my apologies if not 100% accurate fellas (pics not equal to scale either) Unzoomed Zoomed Any input is muchly appreciated, especially bad lol Laters guys
  12. Hey there buddy Try taking a look at the projectile effect.rsb fella................ I think that has the desired effect your after Cant remember though Laters
  13. Thanks guys, all the help is appreciated..................back to the max!!!
  14. I was actually trying to do a battlefeild type trench system. Something like the Parachute Regiment encountered at Goose Green in '82. Interlocking fields of fire, bunkers/sangers made into the craggy rock area etc. DIDNT want to totally recreate a Falklands scenario just like the idea of trench to trench gutter fighting that as soon as you take one trench u gotta deal with the next one etc. Gotta large learning curve to grasp to learn modding a map though
  15. Thanks buddy, will try it out
  16. Hey guys, me getting a grip of the map making bit here and want to make some trenches in the map. Just wondering how I do that as I'm very very new to the map modelling scene Many thanx guys for any help Laters DVS1
  17. Hi there BUCKET If its purely a reticle mod your looking for you could always have a look see at my DVS1 Weapons Mod or My Reticle Mod I've released, both have custom reticles for most weapons used in GR and the weapons mod obviously has some custom weapons in there A shameless plug there but hey, what the heck lol Heres a link to the thread in the forums and a link to my webpage for downloading of the mod if you fancy My Weapons Mod Thread My Weapons Mod Download Just scroll to bottom of page and click on the picture Once activiated you have to restart the game for the full effects to take place. Hope you like it BUCKET, if there anything missing you'd like modelled let me know and I'll see what I can do for ya dude Laters DVS1
  18. Sorry guys me here again! Im making headway on map making and have come across what is probably a small problem I have no sound to tag the floor with!! Is there a plugin I'm missing or something guys??? Thanks for the help again DVS1
  19. Thanks for the input guys. I'm looking for help in how to make trenches within a map, so once I get the basic done I can then add a series of trenches as and where I want them. Anyone one how to do this?? Many thanks for any help
  20. Hi guys Im thinking of branching into trying to have a stab at making a map or two. Can anyone tell me if theres a video tutorial like Pains Weapons Tutorial except for maps obviously If not can anyone point me in the direction of a good, simple but thorough tute anywhere in the community?? Many thanks guys DVS1
  21. kaskad my dear buddy blowing sunshine up my own butt but me not care My weapons mod has got adjusted tracers if ya interested dude??? Or I can send you the .RSB's if you like buddy??? Heres the link to my mod if you interested Scroll to bottom and click on sniper Laters dude
  22. Hey there guys Just came across this thread and Crimson's right most mods dont require a restart however in the case of the weapons mod i made because of the decals and tracer changes from the original files my mod does require a restart. Well it did for me anyways Hope ya enjoy the mod version 7.0 Laters DVS1
  23. Yeah sorry guys, me not sure of how to make the mod available in multiplayer but i am working on finding out how to do it and then ammend it guys. Sorry but I released it initially as a SP mod and then thought bout the MP option. Chastise me plenty Laters
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