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  1. I downloaded this mod this morning from the http://www.rainbowsix.org/dl/download.php?file_id=763. link...............seemed to work ok for me this time guys
  2. A warm welcome to the forums kaladorn!! Your right with the strings.txt file, thats where the problem may lie initially........unfortunately i'm not hot on these things but if you post part of the strings.txt that covers the C8 then I'm sure one of the guys will be able to help you plenty Laters dude
  3. Hey guys Thanks for all the feedback, glad to see the recommendations coming through for adjustments that can be made. @ Earl - thanks for the info on the 203, figured this rifle was made for precision rifle fire application just wondered what the baby looked like with 'hand held fury' thanks for the info though dude. @ Ogre_h - yeah me been toying with the brightness and so on and am working on a new type of 'SPR' styled fore grip style rifle Marcinko ---- would like to see your SPR dude, have admired your models for a while and think I could learn a thing or two from you buddy. Laters guys
  4. @ ogre_h something like this dude???????? Thats the SOCOM version with collapsable stock, have got the QD KAC suppressor on the way with fixed stock for you Whisper_44 Laters dudes
  5. Glad the models are well recieved by you guys I'll work on some silenced models for your eyes Any opinions on any improvements are more than welcome guys Laters
  6. Okey dokey dude, here ya go.................. SPR with ACOG (white on mount is as in reference pic and to be edited) SPR with ACOG & M203 SPR with Aimpoint SPR with Aimpoint & M203 SPR with Aimpoint (cantilever mount) SPR with Aimpoint (cantilever mount) & M203 SPR with Aimpoint (cantilever mount) & M203 & PVS-14 SPR with Trijicon Reflex SPR with Trijicon Reflex & M203 SPR with Trijicon Reflex & M203 & PVS-14 SPR with Unertl 10X SPR with Unertl 10X & PVS-14 I appreciate they the boring render from 3ds max but it gives the general idea yeah??? Any feedback, please let it fly guys!!!!!!!! OR any other combo's you'd like to see???? Laters
  7. Yeah dude me been beavering away on the baby got the following complete and in game SPR Aimpoint SPR Aimpoint M203 SPR Aimpoint (cantilever mount) SPR Aimpoint (cantilever mount) M203 SPR Aimpoint (cantilever mount) M203 & PVS 14 SPR ACOG SPR ACOG M203 SPR Trijicon Reflex SPR Triicon Reflex M203 SPR Trijicon Reflex M203 & PVS 14 SPR Unertl 10x SPR Unertl 10x & PVS 14 Think thats all so far dude...........thought this thread was dead as me having a giggle with sniper scope and M203 Will get some screenies for you asap if fancied????? Laters
  8. I'll give it a shot for ya buddy, just a standard M16 without M203 but you want the carry handle yes??? Sure there's a mod with one in.....cant think of the name but i'll make one for ya if you want. Drop e your email address and i'll send it over when done. Laters
  9. Hey fellas Been messin around again and came up with a OTT SPR model. I appreciate its not fantastic as its hard to find decent Hi Res pics of that baby so any criticism is welcome............. SPR with x10 Unertl Scope and PVS 14 AND M203!!! SPR with x10 Unertl Scope and PVS 14 AND M203!!! (different angle) I know the rear sight and the M203 sight is missing as yet but had a giggle wondering what the average tango would think when confronted with this!!! Trying to get rid of that bluey green on the fore-end too, Opinions guys??
  10. k buddy thanx....was looking everywhere but couldnt find em!!!!!!!!!
  11. Hey guys hope this is in the right forum.......... I'm looking through some atr files in GR and come across this......... This is the section that tells the game wot face to use etc yeah but what are these 2 lines??? I cant find the .rsb files anywhere in the GR folders!!!!!! Anyone shed some light?? Thanks
  12. A very tastey piece of iron there dude!!! I must admit i used an alpha layer for one of my belts in my weapons mod and found a great pic for the other one........I'll send it over if ya fancy??? Keep the good work going buddy
  13. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm with ya now Marcinko!! I found the VLTOR website yesterday VLTOR Product Page We both right in what we've done dude I've modelled the Clubfoot Modstock Version and you've modelled the Standard Style Modstock. Great minds thinking alike eh dude That model looks cool too bud, is it part of the Afgan mod??? Laters
  14. I really should do and angled shot I suppose I've used an NGON and extruded it to the shape of the cheekpiece as I found a pic of the stock from above and saw the shape of it. I've never really shown much interest in this stock til now and wanna make sure I get it 100% Thanks for input guys
  15. @ Marcinko Hey dude thanks for the input, am I missing something from the stock bud? Here's the pic I used for reference and here's my version2 for comparison If there is something missing buddy, have you got a pic I can use for reference to update the model cheers bud Laters
  16. Blimey buddy!!!!!!!! Thats all you did to make that Trijicon????????? :'( your making me, you are lol I went at it a totally different way, NGONS and extruding and edit meshes etc etc............god i should
  17. Its still a cool piece of work buddy. You should see some of my texture files............a bloody mess!!! If you'd ever like to swap material just drop me a line, I've just made some custom models for Gen. Montgomery and am always open to try and offer my services if I can help. I still love that Reflex sight though dude......... Congrats!!
  18. Excellent work dude!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The only thing I could say as constructive critisim is the reciever looks a little dark (having said that I realise mines too light ) The texturing on the RIS if superb buddy!!!! Keep it going!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a forest of 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  19. Hey there dude Thaose models are top notch buddy!!!!!! :punk: You say about attachments for them................ Mind if I show you some stuff I'm working on that you could give you some ideas or if you wanna share then I'll be more than happy to send some stuff over Here goes............. AR15 with Aimpoint on Cantilever Mount AR15 with Aimpoint on Cantilever Mount with M203 AR15 with Aimpoint on Cantilever Mount with M203 & PVS-14 Suppressed Not trying to steal your show dude but they say a picture speak a thousand words. Hope my images have helped a thought pop into mind. I must say I'd be very interested to know how you did the Trijicon Reflex sight dude, I've done a version but not as good looking as that buddy........care to share that secret dude?????? Look forward to seeing your model textured, great work again!!! DVS1
  20. Hey there snared_gambit I've got a couple of those weapon models your after in my weapons mod, your more than welcome to use them if you like dude From your list there's M249 Para w\various attachments Suppressor, Acog, Aimpoint, R.I.S system with horizontal handle. Two different handguns, undecided as of yet HK SP89 SIGP226 HKP9S Just finishing a HK MK23 SD, HKP7, Colt M1911 M4A1 w\various attachments Just finished Colt AR15 (almost M4 ) with Suppressor, Aimpoint Cantilever mount, R.I.S, M203, PVS-14 NV Monocular, Carry Handle. Anything your after drop me a line and I'll see what I can make for you dude. Laters DVS1
  21. Hey SnowFella Yeah I'd love to see those pics if you'd send me some my email is vdickson@ntlworld.com Cheers dude Laters
  22. Hi fellas Is there a specific way the night vision PVS-14 monocular gets mounted?? I mean is there a specific right way up so to speak??? I've seen a few pictures where its mounted in a variety of ways. I'm under the assumpiton its down to personal preference as its a aid to seeing at night used in conjunction (on a weapon) with another scope. Any input is appreciated guys Laters
  23. Hey CBA_Bludawg If ya like I can do the Kit Icons for you? Just pm me some details of what weapons are going to be in the kits etc and i'll see what I can do for you Laters DVS1
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