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  1. Hi there If I'm right in thinking the muzzle flash point has not been put at the muzzle but half way down the barrel, hence the muzzle flashes position. Did you make this model yourself? If so go back into 3DS and adjust the muzzle flash points position and re-export it buddy. Laters DVS
  2. No worries buddy........anytime, anyone, anymodel just holla Catchya soon dude DVS1
  3. @ chiel_mic - i think it can only be done with the sniper reticle as its a 1/4 that is symmetrically displayed on the screen....hard to describe but I not think it possible with 'normal' rifles etc......hopefully I can be proved wrong though Any help ya need drop me a pm and we go from there Laters DVS1
  4. I made a new sniper reticle a while ago Jaxe........ Not the worlds greatest screenie but the sniper reticle and black ring effect only appears when the sniper zooms in, otherwise the screen is completely blank. Drop me a line if you wanna hand with reticles or have a look at my reticle mod to pick apart and see how theywork mate My Reticles Mod I think this link should work but of not drop me a line and i'll help ya where I can buddy. Laters DVS1
  5. Papa6- for a first model thats good buddy!!! My first model werent no where near that good!!! You'l see how you learn new tips for creating weapons in Max and howeach model gets better............then you'll go back and re-do all the older models lol Not heard of this weapon so think will do some reading of it and learn a new toy Keep up the good work buddy.....any probs just holla Laters DVS1
  6. Points taken on board there Stalker.....only 1 thing though buddy The links you give are for the M82 Barret and not the 'Payload' rifle, the magazine on the Payload is angled slightly....maybe not as much as I have given but have a quick squiz bud... Will have a look and see about changing the saturation etc though mate, thats one of the things I didnt like myself Your right on the bipod too, will edit that sometime soon Laters guys
  7. Lovely model there Jaxe!!!! Here's my attempt so far, the Unertl scope requires texturing and I'm not happy about some of the textures parts so will re-do some of them etc but pretty much finnito and.... Feedback good and bad taken guys Laters
  8. There is a file to download that already has the helper points in max, check the downloads in here or at theplatoon.com They need a little adjusting but they a great tool to use think I may have it on hard disk.................drop me your email and i'll send it over for ya buddy:D
  9. Hey no worries guys if u can get a Payload rifle before i get mine sorted then crack on...... Thats what the community is for, to pull together and help one anotherout where we can As soon as its done i'll send ya a holla buddy Laters
  10. If your referring to the 'Payload' rifle buddy........I've made one and am working on the ballistics for the HE round Will update you asap when its ready Laters DVS1
  11. Looks F.A.B mate!!!! Just a tip......try using a pale grey for the render background......allows more detail to be seen etc Looking excellent though mate keep going!!! DVS1
  12. Yeah it would V2 but there's ways around it PM me and i'll let ya know about 1 possible method i've used mate
  13. Hi Spyro You have to adjust the gun file for the weapon too buddy. IF you have the same numerical entries in the .gun file the reticlues gets chopped. For example if the original .gun file section says this: <ReticuleTextureName>reticle_ar.rsb</ReticuleTextureName> <ReticulePipLeft>33</ReticulePipLeft> <ReticulePipTop>0</ReticulePipTop> <ReticulePipRight>37</ReticulePipRight> <ReticulePipBottom>2</ReticulePipBottom> <ReticuleBaseLeft>0</ReticuleBaseLeft> <ReticuleBaseTop>0</ReticuleBaseTop> <ReticuleBaseRight>32</ReticuleBaseRight> <ReticuleBaseBottom>32</ReticuleBaseBottom> <ReticulePipBaseOffset>5</ReticulePipBaseOffset> <ReticulePipMaxOffset>236</ReticulePipMaxOffset> and you re size the reticle by say 4 times, then the figures need to look like this: <ReticuleTextureName>reticle_ar.rsb</ReticuleTextureName> <ReticulePipLeft>132</ReticulePipLeft> <ReticulePipTop>0</ReticulePipTop> <ReticulePipRight>148</ReticulePipRight> <ReticulePipBottom>8</ReticulePipBottom> <ReticuleBaseLeft>0</ReticuleBaseLeft> <ReticuleBaseTop>0</ReticuleBaseTop> <ReticuleBaseRight>128</ReticuleBaseRight> <ReticuleBaseBottom>128</ReticuleBaseBottom> <ReticulePipBaseOffset>20</ReticulePipBaseOffset> <ReticulePipMaxOffset>944</ReticulePipMaxOffset> The number of times you magnify the reticle you have to mulitply the figures in the .gun file too Hope this solves your problem but any probs drop me a line and i'll take a look for ya
  14. Hey buddy Nice character there!!!!!!!! SAS dont wear any insignia at all unless they are 'adopted' by another regiment to cover what they are doing Be nice to see the pants untucked though.....my only comment...they look cool mate!!! Keep it up Laters
  15. If i'm not mistaken that an air rifle isnt it??? Are we gonna plink the enemy to death now lol Soz couldnt resit it!! Nice paint job on it though!!!
  16. Try................ M4 Right side and........... M4 Left Side Have fun buddy Laters DVS1
  17. Have got a couple of SPR variants going on buddy, drop me line of wot your after and i'll see what i can do Laters DVS1
  18. Hiya Orbarth Nice looking M249 reticle there buddy Not sure if it help you in any way but here's a link to my reticle page and mod.....may be of some interest to you mate. My Reticles Page Laters DVS1
  19. Hey there buddy Looks a good mod your putting together there!!! Go ahead and use as many of the reticles and weapons from my mods as you like, be chuffed to have some input on this Laters dude DVS1
  20. Give me a few days and I'll have a crack at modelling it for ya..........no promises of greatness though!!!
  21. To go with Prozac360 mate...i got a OICW SD if you interested??? give us a shout if ya do
  22. Looks very similar to the FN P90 modified to me
  23. No probs buddy, glad to help out. Give me your email address dude and i'll send you the reticles. Laters DVS1
  24. Give me a little while and i'l see what i can do for ya buddy. U just want the dot, chevron and the donut part of the reticle yeah? Will make them up and give ya a holla
  25. Up til now I've left out the triggers and the lower part of the trigger guard to reduce the polys. Not much I grant you but I figured once the ghosts hands are in the way you wont see them anyways.
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