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  1. I would suggest post a full size view as it looks very squashed..
  2. The new IDF owns, you get a sweet SD sniper rifle with a nice secondry gun.. Thats my fave mod at the moment, it kicks ass, the skins are nice and the guns just own, try it
  3. neh its because 3/4 of the GR players on UBI want to use GRM 4.0 simply cos there noobs imho. the mod is for babies, u dont see the best of mods for mp play, like earls mods, baja's mods, that ssf, or wolfsong swiss thing, and IDF etc.. those are the best mods that shud be played online but its only GRM 4.0
  4. SO am i, those skins are ownage
  5. And for guns try out Midnight Mods As it has some nice looking guns
  6. If you wanna make a mod about the IRA for example, then go ahead? Nobody can tell you not to do it, its like telling someone not to breathe, so go for it, make a mafia mod, and dont listen to anybody
  7. off topic.. I instaled Standard Upgrade and the patch but i cant find that desert camo socom m4?..
  8. So how does this work, you set it to record or something and it records everything it see's on your screen and puts it into a folder as a .avi file?
  9. I think thats the site where most modders go for pics.
  10. OMG that m16 looks sweet, i love your textures, nice and light coloures, good work
  11. KIND of expensive, its so expensive its ridiculous, someone would spend $3000 on a programme to make things 3D rofl.. it's funny but no talk of warez is allowed even as a joke. No hard feelings, no harm done. Just doing me job - Yoda Just kidding, go buy it *sniggers*, just save up a few years (10) and you will be able to buy it.
  12. You don't understand, ######.. of course i am going to ask at a GR forum, why / Well, because there ARE MORE GR MODDERS HERE THAN YOU WILL FIND IN A CS FORUM.. If i want a GR modder to convert his gun to CS, of course i come to GR forum, not much point in me going to a CS forum, and asking a GR modder to convert his gun to CS is there.. Just use common sense, this is my last post here please lock it, i never knew there were so many half wits here who don't understand.
  13. Man ###### do you people have ANY brains? I am asking a GR modder, if they will convert there guns to CS.. WHAT THE ###### is so hard to understand? I ain't saying, "hey GR modder, i am wondering if you would make a mod for CS" I am saying "hey GR modder, would you ever considering converting your weapons to CS" So go back to school, you really make me ######ing sick the way you are so dumb.
  14. Yea but you get GR modders who mod other games, like Earl. is making a gun mod for OF.
  15. I play CS yes.. I would play GR but its hard to fnd decent servers, i mean decent, not n00b servers that run 4.8, which is 90% of GR servers. I did play MOH but thats getting lame, so i moved to CS, IMO CS is amazing game, just takes time getting used to it. But reason why i asked here is because, there are alot of GR modders here of course, if i went to CS site and asked GR modders to mod for CS they will prob say "go to GR site and ask that", so i don't know what SUper something was thinking with his lame reply. Super-Bob - I seen your above thread, man are you thick? I am asking a GR modder to convert GR guns to CS, now what part of that don't you ######ing understand?
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