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  1. Thanks for the welcome. I got a couple new games that I can't find info on how to do some things. Funny I remember Wolfenstein and Doom being great games. At one point had a 233 MMX. I think I had 64 MBR at the high point.
  2. And I appreciate the help! Getting a little long in the tooth so some of these games are getting harder. Playing on a xbox 360. I'm at subtle arrow level How do I change from single to full auto with my rifle? And how, after I mark 3 or 4 bad guys do I get my team to take them out, without me taking a shot? So far if I dont do the first, they just dont do nothing! There has to ne a cammand. Right? I wish i could find a list of commands that said how to do some of this stuff. I guess there is no way to control your team? I may not want them rushing a=head of me all the time. Thanks in advance I have other questions but it will wat. Lets see how this goes. I'm 60 and still love playin these games! Started with Wolfinstien and the orig Doom. What a improvmenmt this stuff is!!!!!!!!!!!
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