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  1. I have not yet tried any other maps than the 2 or 3 that come with the game. Are they easy to install?
  2. It works great. The game is awesome for when I need breaks from other work.
  3. Just downloaded the 7z wrapper again, and it worked for me too.
  4. Works well on my laptop now - (Catalina, 10.15.6) - extracted with Keka. Thank-you.
  5. Hi - I have my new macbook pro (2020). I tried the new file, did the fixme.command and then when I started up the game it blacked out the screen as it was about to begin (like normal), then I saw my mouse cursor enlarged a bit on the screen, then the program stopped and my desktop screen returned to normal. Weird. I tried refreshing the wrapper, but nothing changed.
  6. I have the new computer up and running - went to the wrapper on page 1 of this thread and it said the file is no longer available?
  7. Oh man - my computer is in pieces - I have a new laptop on the way - the stripe was still there. I will let you know how the new one does when it arrives.
  8. Yes - we have Macbook 12 retinas (2016 and 2017), both with High Sierra (10.13.6).
  9. Ok, so I got it to work after doing the command. When playing there is a stripe of brightly colored pixels whenever I move around in the map. The FixMe.command itself had a runtime error (see below). Same thing happened on wife's computer. ____________________ Clearing quarantine from /Users/claw/Downloads/Ghost Recon Wrapper xattr: [Errno 1] Operation not permitted: '/Users/claw/Downloads/Ghost Recon Wrapper/Ghost Recon.app/Contents/Resources/dosdevices/z:' xattr: No such file: /Users/claw/Downloads/Ghost Recon Wrapper/Ghost Recon.app/Contents/Resources/drive_c/users/Wineskin/Desktop/My Mac Desktop logout Saving session... ...copying shared history... ...saving history...truncating history files... ...completed. [Process completed]
  10. I just tried the 7z file about an hour ago - same thing happened on my computer (the file is damaged and cannot be opened). I also tried my wife's computer - same problem. We both have Mac High Sierra - should we update?
  11. Apex, I downloaded the file linked at the beginning of this post - the Ghost Recon.app would not open - it said the file is damaged and cannot be opened. Am I using an older broken file? I pull up information on the .app and it says created and modified May 11. Jeff
  12. Apex, thanks for doing this work - you are awesome. I’m not sure if it is possible to do multiplayer with you, b if you are interested I bet itd be cool. Thanks for putting it in a .dmg
  13. Nevermind - I had the key mapped to something else. It took me forever to figure that out.
  14. The wrapper works awesome. I have a dumb question though. I've tried every key, but cannot open any doors. How is this done?
  15. Hi. I'm trying to get GR Original running on a Macbook 12" running Sierra 10.12.3. I downloaded the latest GR Wrapper from this site. I also have the original GR disc. A side note - I also have copies of Desert Siege and Island Thunder and would love to get those and other maps/mods working but I figured I'd just try and get the original to work first. A few years ago, I used the wrapper found here and (with help from the GR community) got it to work. 1. So I copy the Wrapper into my Applications folder. 2. Then I mount the original GR disc. 3. Then I open the Ghost Recon application and go through the set up process. 4. I point the Wrapper to the setup.exe executable in the mounted disc. 5. All seems to work okay, except for when I finally try to play the game it briefly shows up as an icon on my Dock bar, then disappears. If interested, I have a short video of my setup process here. BTW, I tried this on my wife's Macbook Air and the same thing happened.
  16. I fixed the first issue on my computer by installing a [Thing that should not be spoken of here IAW Forum Rule 3.7] patch. I found it at [Deleted]: [Link Removed] I'm still trying to play with my wife's macbook air to get it installed on there.
  17. Hi. I'm hoping to get GR installed on both my Macbook Air (running 10.8.4) and my wife's Macbook Air (10.7.5), so that we can be on the same team on missions. I used to love this game, and my wife, being a Marine Corp a number of years back, would love it - I know. I just purchased a used version of GR through Amazon, and it came into the mail today. So, I followed the instructions, downloading the wrapper, placing it in my Applications folder. I loaded in the GR cd, and began the install process. First try, there was an error, like some missing .dll file or something. So I restarted the computer. Second try worked. The whole install process finished, and as suggested, I chose not to install the ubi.com multiplayer thing. So, I double clicked the Ghost Recon.app, and the first thing it does is pop up a small window that says cannot locate CD-Rom, and to "Please insert the correct CD-ROM, select OK and restart Application". The CD was still in the superdrive, so I ejected it, and reloaded it, then tried opening the application again, and the same thing happens. I'm not sure what to do now. I thought that after installation, the CD was no longer needed anyway. I installed it on my wife's computer, and it installed first try. But when trying to play, another error pops up, saying there is a serious problem. When I show details, it says that there is an "unhandled exception: page fault on read access to Oxe93e91ee in 32-bit code (OxO067224a)" I tried reloading the program, and a different error pops up, saying "A debugger has been detected" and to "unload the debugger and try again". So, I'm not sure what's going on there either. Thanks for any help.
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