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    any jokes?

    A man cheats on his girlfriend named Lorraine with a girl named Clearly. Suddenly, Lorraine died. At the funeral, the man stands up and sings, "I can see Clearly now, Lorraine is gone."
  2. I want to see this complete movie because i have watched its first part and that was just amazing for me.
  3. Well nice efforts dude , you guys make a good work by making such kind of graphics work. Some pictures are not view able i think that is some kind of technical fault but anyhow i like some of these wallpapers allot and saved them in my graphics gallery.
  4. Don't you think it is the older version of Photoshop to or its too late to paste such kind of materiel here???? I am using CS 6 now a days and it has many advance features if we compare with CS 3 than why we use CS 3.
  5. Hello Guys...... I am new to this forum so I decided to introduce myself first. My name is Aklian. I am here to find many solutions which I mostly face in my daily routine and also for having fun with you guys to talk about the daily happenings.
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