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  1. Yep, If you want anything close to what you liked from OGR then grab Arma2 Combined Ops which at this stage has tonnes of mods incl Ghost Recon style mods and missions, lots of new maps/kit/weapons ... everything. And as mentioned try out Arma3 under beta to get a flavor of the new beast to arrive. Arma is a pure sandbox and you can make whatever you want on it and can be modded to death
  2. Hi, I use Firefox which has a spell checker, and it seems to get blocked on this forum for some reason. I didnt see any tools on posting, so apart from making sure I spell something korrektleee does anyone have any issues with it on browsers?
  3. Hi Wombat, I agree, this all started out from always messing in the editor for personal editing and always falling back to smaller scaled stealth. Even though Arma2 has a possibility of massive open gameplay I always end up falling back and looking for missions that just always reminded me of OGR. So I just thought for once I would make something I could play over and over (much like tango hunt was like in OGR) but used the dynamics of what Arma2 can give. Sort of what we would all have wanted from GR2 but never happened. "The Farm" map was something I played over and over in OGR
  4. I have OGR still running under XP on an older backup system using GTX260 but I cant ever seem to get AA to work so its always jaggies running at 1440x900 ... I realise this isnt the same problem but does anyone have AA working nice and smooth?
  5. Will check that forum out, I dont have login so if anyone wants to quick link if they feel its worth it then cool. BTW I also wouldnt mind feedback as well, so post anything here about it as it will be updated. East Island option im looking to have something that matches "the farm" mission in OGR but expanded a little more, that island location is smaller so I want something more intimate, will even lower the draw distance and fog to match OGR ... that was a hardware limitation setup back then, still think its cool for the mood even now
  6. Hi, Thanks for the comments & to Rocky for adding to the news (I have to say that the news mentions its a mod but its just a mission ) Yeh the armaholic link was waiting due to a hotfix with sqf missing error so thats sorted out now. Will be back to updating this in a few weeks or so to try to make it final, some mentions of MP version but I need to learn a lot with scripting for this at the moment, so its all work in progress to be updated. Whatever gets updated I will post here too.
  7. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=21392 Alternate mirrors: http://www.multiupload.nl/DLG41MT2JZ (Pick your fileshare - MIRRORS WELCOMED) I just wanted to inform GR.net members of a new Single Player OGR Stealth style dynamic mission I created for Arma2. Made by a OGR fan and trying to keep the feeling alive, you have many options on mission start to set pref of difficualy of the situation, mission and uses 2 locations of Lingor jungle island to choose from. Its all based on OGR style long mission using recon/stealth/planning. Briefing: SEE OFFICIA
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