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  1. Naaaa I'll just continue what I've been doing and finish the project
  2. First of all, I'm not going to make anything Ghost Recon related without telling the people who actually made the game. I am aware that Ubi owns the copyright. If you actually read the post you would know that Ghost Recon: Reload is only a project title. Also I never mentioned that I woul'd "Ship" the game at all. I said I will try to get Ubi to publish it (Seeing as they already have a CryEngine 3 License) and if they wouldn't I will release the game as a Mod.
  3. Added sounds for - 30 Second Bomb Timer - AK74 Shot - Explosion 1 - General Gun Reload - Grenade Pin Pull - Grenade Throw - Gun Empty Click - HK21 Overheat - HK21 Shot - Knife Slice - L96A1 Sniper shot Echo - L96A1 Sniper Shot - M4 Shot - M6 Shot - M6 Silenced - M82 Shot - M136 Shot - M203 Grenade Launcher Explosion - M203 Grenade Launcher Reload - M203 Grenade Launcher Shot - M246 Shot - Reload 1 - Reload 2 - MP5 Shot - Placing Claymore - Reload Click - SA80 Shot - SVD Reload - SVD Shot Echo - SVD Shot Some sounds will be changed, and some sounds may be remove
  4. Yes I read that thread, a lot of people thought something like this would be overshadowed by Takedown, but after seeing the first gameplay trailer of Takedown, I can say it definitely won't overshadow this game. Plus just because there is one game of the same type doesn't mean another can't do well. By the way I will be posting M07 River progress later today.
  5. Added some sound effects, Footsteps and Rain, check it out https://soundcloud.com/ghostreconreload Weapon sound effects are being made as you read this. Will have more Screenshots of M07 River soon
  6. Yes there is a few, the answer is usually either "Sandbox" "Flowgraph" or "Crysis"
  7. What is the Editor called that comes with the SDK (hint: you'll find them in playgrounds!): If thats the question than JohnTC02 is right, Sandbox
  8. Post the question here, I can give you the answer. Most of the questions have to do with CryEngine
  9. I'm trying to get the terrain out of the way, so I can just focus on the models. Also trying to get some of the simple maps done, like M07 River, M02 Farm, and M03 Stone Bell
  10. Heres a quick preview of the terrain for M07 River. This is very basic and needs a LOT of work, like ToD settings (Fog, lighting, time), a new skybox, better vegetation, Texturing, water material and models. I will be updating it in the next few days. Currently making the bridge, the camp, and the rest of the models.
  11. Haha I know what you mean. Thats the standard CE3 character, will replace him with soldiers later on.
  12. I have some more images from M13 airbase, I will post them here soon. That is first person (If I even decide to have the weapons visible in first person) Third person would be much less, around 5k Yeah, I would get permission first Than it would have to be a Crysis mod
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