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  1. Hello folks, it's been a while- got busy, but now I'm back. I am happy to report that I finally got some sound files to work, but not all- The "action" sounds don't seem to work- the load screens work and kitmusic one works, but not in-game... I thought it had in-game music, like when action starts, it ques up music? Am I wrong? If so, my goal has been reached. By the way, I made sure all files were the right format and all that, so no differences there- It seems some music still won't play.
  2. I'm interested if anyone has actually contacted them to ask specifically for the source code or what it would take to get it? Some experienced modder may have more pull than someone with no knowledge of what to do with I even if he got it (like me)... What about contacting apexmods about his experience and see if he would be interested in the request. If the mod community could get their hands on that source code, the possibilities would be amazing.
  3. Interesting. Has anyone tried correspondence with the devs? Seems like that would be pivotal.
  4. This sounds awesome. I think the more random, the better; the more realistic (in terms of enemies using the radio when they discover some trouble), the better.
  5. Yeah I'm trying to learn to get some specific and personal goals achieved in terms of mods and longevity. I did the same with photoshop and now I'm pretty good at getting done what I need done in that program. The biggest things I think GR lacks is recoil when firing, the screen is too smooth while running, like the player is on skates... That needs fixing. Maybe a little better at utilizing the injured enemy, like it seems like almost always if you hit someone solid, they just fall like a sack of potatoes... Maybe that's stretching the capabilities of this game though. The big thing I've
  6. Ok so the "commoner" soldiers are always on rotation and there's no way of scripting or making the game always make certain soldiers available... The heroes are always on, at least after you unlock them... So I've tried through igor to create my own mod where all the heroes are unlocked after the first mission. It doesn't take. It didn't work. Is that possible? Then I could concentrate my efforts on editing them to my liking... What do you guys say? Possible or pipe dream? Oh and Win 8 is an abomination.
  7. I'm very familiar with that folder and where it is- The problem is that my new mod folder(s) aren't showing up there, but are shown in the game.
  8. Ok, so why is it when I create a mod, I can see it in IGOR, but I can't see it in my program files folder??? What the heck am I doing wrong?
  9. Thanks again, but I did that- I still don't see the folder show up in the mods folder... The strange thing is that I see it in the game and I can activate it... Just no folder in mods folder...
  10. Thanks guys- I'll try that. First, I did backup my stuff, so no probs there. I can't get IGOR to save a new mod- I created the mod, but it didn't save to my mods folder... When I try to save, it says "the mission cannot be saved until an environment is specified"... Is there a way to change the specialists to all be there at the beginning of a campaign? I tried writing them into the campaign xml, but I'm sure I did it wrong- it just made the game quit every time. Any info on that? I would be happy just having them from the start, as I can rename them.
  11. First I'll say I've tried to search for the answer and I've done everything I can so far, but I'm out of ideas by myself. All I'm trying to do is to put my own music (like some stuff from the Predator soundtrack) in the game, namely the screens where you select your team. I've already edited the tracks to match the wav, 16bits, 22050, stereo. I've also tried going into the music xml and changing that - like the number of entries and entering a new track- I named it "load4"... All I get is the game shutting off when it randomly tries to play that track I assume, because if it plays th
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