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  1. Lol, so it doesnt even pays to start coop server, cause if you do you're bound to be the leader for the entire time.
  2. I wonder how long they gonna support game by updating the AC. Are they gonna watch websites for cheats to counter them? PB is safer bet i think.
  3. I just wana add to coop. Is that true that when the leader dies mission's over? What is he supposed to do, sit in the back doing nothing? To me, it's a riddiculous idea.
  4. I agree it's run n' gun. It's quite like BF, we capture their sector while they're capturing ours. Then we go get the sector back and the other team does the same. Just running back and forward. Clan games maybe be different, but a lot of people doesnt have time or will to join clans. Many people just play on regular servers where the gamaes are just like those.
  5. We need PB. It's mostly cheaters who complain about PB and aw well as braindeads who repeat after them. Of course PB is not 100 % cheat proof (quite common argument aginst PB) but stops most of the cheaters. They're specialize in anticheat and and monitor websites for released cheats so little kiddies can't get it so easily. If we don't have anticheat game will die quick.
  6. I could play right now. I got battleLan. Thnx
  7. I'd play some online coop too.
  8. Well, I'm getting it from Fileshack, i waited no more than a min there and getting 500 Kbps dl now.
  9. I liked siege mode a lot. I wish they had it in the game as well.
  10. Would anyone be kind enough to set up a server if the demo comes out, so we could try it together?
  11. May 5th is actually a holiday in Mexico. Not a major holiday though. September 16 is Mexican Independence Day. Maybe UBI should postpone the game till then to match both events. Wouldn't it be cool?
  12. How about you give me 60 k just as a token of appreciation for my valuable information. I'ts in PC section so I assume it's about PC. I didn't read it yet as I was leaving for school. But since they're starting to give some info on PC it may eventually come out. Maybe.
  13. There's interview on gamespot with Gilles Matouba. They talk only about narcom. Not much there, you still though may want to check it out. gamespot
  14. WoW, those pics look like from a movie.
  15. I don't know your card specification. However, if it's still decent card perhaps it's better to wait till the game comes out. You maybe running the game with no problems, you may not like the game, or there might be a new card by then causing prices of other cards to drop.
  16. You think he's just a taco man? He probably is an agent too.
  17. Actually the game contains weapons of future US Army. Unauthorized display of such a sensitive material without legal permission is a threat to national security and it's just a matter of days before national security agencies, FBI etc will contact Rocky. Sorry to bring you this, but it's better to be prepared for such occasion. To summarize it, See ya Rocky. PS Actually I don't know this person, have no any affiliation to him, never seen him or had any contact in any form.
  18. Reporting for duty, sir! I'd like to voulnteer for the mission, sir !
  19. allow me to disagree on this - I need plenty of room to operate, plenty of space to hide. ← Well, you have the right to an opionion.
  20. I just hope maps won't get bigger. I hate those marathon maps in Joint Operations, BF, or OFP where you spend most of your time running to action instead of being there. I love GR maps. You respawn and youre almost instantly in the action. It doesnt mean run and gun. GR its about slow and careful approach where medium or small maps are best suited for it. Making maps big will make GR nothing as it was.
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