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  1. We are starting with the N/A market first and get that rolling well and then we will be opeing the E/U market later on this year but we want to do one at a time.
  2. The International Gaming Syndicate is a community, and gaming league service that has recently launched a league for Ghost Recon: Online U.S. players. We would like to welcome you and invite you to participate in theIGS Ghost Recon: Online League. TheIGS has provided a customized feature-rich league script that is nothing like the "generic scripts" that you may have seen elsewhere on the interwebs. Our league has extensive clan management features to assist clan leaders in organizing their squads for battle, a custom scoring system exclusively designed for GR:O, and it allows for players to carry out an IGS match whenever they want; we call this "on-the-fly matching". Both players and clans are invited to sign up and start matching when the new cycle begins. We have created a standard set of rules, which all clans will be required to follow while conducting an IGS match. Clans have the choice to match who they want, when they want, and with any number of players per side (min 4v4, max 8v8). Again, we would like to invite you to sign up and check it out! We are also looking for players within the community to help run the day to day operations of the league by becoming an IGS Admin. If this is something you feel you and/or your clan may be interested in being a part of, please stop by, check us out, and apply to be an admin. The league is currently open under "Beta Status" to give you an advanced preview of the features available to you and to become comfortable with the site layout and league rules. We would like to get at least 20 clans signed up before we begin cycle 1. During this beta phase, we encourage you to use the system, and familiarize yourself with its functionality. As soon as we feel as though interest is piqued, we will announce an end to the Beta Phase, purge the database, and begin the inaugural cycle. As we are an organization of gamers for gamers, we encourage everyone to provide comments and suggestions on ways we can improve and make our service even better. Site: http://www.theIGS.net theIGS GR:O League: http://www.theigs.net/leagues/gro Forums: http://www.theIGS.net/forum Teamspeak 3: theigs.tserverhq.com Respectfully, theIGS Staff
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