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  1. Hello all! I just recently had the original Ghost Recon+Desert Siege and Island Thunder installed including Heroes Unleashed, Centcom, and Blood Oil. I was just wondering what are your favorite Mods, maps, weapons kits, tactics, etc etc Very good stuff. I love how the new heroes unleashed has no threat indicator and lovely realistic gunshot wounds lol. As for favorites, I like any map really (150 or so to choose from) but I especially enjoy the maps where all skills are needed ie. clearing out rooms/buildings, sniping, commands (which im not great at yet lol) I also love all the weapons kits you can choose from! Here are my favorite weapons/kits for each class Rifleman M4A1 ACOG with M67 frags XM8 with GL or frags HK416 with frags OICW with GL (very very effective if used on right maps/missions) Support HK417 with frags (the optics provide for sniping capabilities (single shot) on top of laying down heavy fire on full auto!) Mk16 Cmag and, the good old fashioned M60! Sniper M14 DMR with submachine gun HK417 (best optics and full auto if necessary) M82 or M98 Demo (in firefight secondary is frags in mission its AT or demo charges) FN P90 Uzi Mp5 One way I like to kind of "cheat" is on any mission or firefight I take a sniper with a silenced weapon and sneak around and eliminate as much resistance as possible Frags are your best friend when there is buildings and lots of cover (trust me, it will flush them right out or kill them) This is an amazing game with all sorts of mods, I would love any kind of feedback fellow GR fans!
  2. I'm all for it! The best game ever in my little world lol especially now that we have more mods and weapons. It's a rush playing without the threat indicator.
  3. It's quite alright. I have heroes unleashed and am going through all the missions on firefight and this the first map where I lost ALL of my men lol.. beat it the next time though
  4. I like a map/mission where you can snipe and clear buildings
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