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  1. All, Following the above instructions from posters FreemanforPrez and belvucker will be right on ! here is three (3) somethings that needed to be worked on this laptop and game files: Updated This game will work by disabling the Dell Touchpad and Dell Pointstick in a E6410 Latitude Updated the "ctrl_set_def.xml" file <button id="hud_select" binding="2" device="mouse" group="tactics"/> <button id="hud_up" binding="mouse wheel up" device="mouse" group="misc"/> <button id="hud_down" binding="mouse wheel down" device="mouse" group="misc"/> Updated the "profile.xml" file in 'graw_profile_default' folder for crosscom making mouse to scroll up AND down <button id="hud_down" binding="mouse wheel down" device="mouse"/> <button id="hud_select" binding="2" device="mouse"/> <button id="hud_up" binding="mouse wheel up" device="mouse"/> I didn't have to modiify anything more, but this page sure is the answer that is needed. Now the game works on the crosscom and the team members will take orders and will move independently from the squad leader. All options on the crosscom now function. Cool ! Attack function on the crosscom works as well too, finally !! Thank you for the assist
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