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  1. could anyone put the link on fileplanet
  2. I thought u stopped doing this mods, by the way this skins are awesome.
  3. I already fixed all the M4 by use default rets, however the problem still occur with M82 barrett still no crosshair. Anyway thanks avey2904 for spend time thinking about the solution for me.
  4. still the same nothing change.
  5. yeah, Matt that is the same problem that I'm having right now.
  6. Well I have installed the navy seals mod and the patch also. The problem is that the rets is gone on the M4 sopmod and on the m82 barrett. I'm thinking about replace the custom rets with the regular one. If so how can I do it . Can any god of the modding in here guide me please.
  7. red

    New Mod

    no words to describe
  8. red


    thanks Argyll. You are the best.
  9. red


    please tell me how to activate them. thanks Argyll.
  10. red


    I just wonder how far is 1 klick?
  11. matter of day. why can't we just have a day that have only 12 hours instead of 24 hours.
  12. what I did was first I created the empty folder name thumperweaponmod then I extracted all the files into the folder. After done that that I cut and paste that folder in Ghostrecon/mod directory.
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