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  1. playing ghost town on firefight (xbox) on elite using the M16/203. I sneaked up to the house at the top of the hill and fired the 203 through a window. result = ten bloodstained corpses on the floor don't know why they hadnt come out of the house sooner, i had been sniping at the village from the hillside on the left flank and already made 26 kills.
  2. did you know that the SR25 is based on the m16? and the british minimi is the M249 SAW? and the british gpmg is the M240? found an ace website - www.world.guns.ru have a look, it's really interesting
  3. don't suppose there has been any word on a new gr release for x-box?
  4. Bearing in mind that I only play on the xbox... Mission ideas: 1. How about sniper missions? what I mean is a mission that requires the use of a sniper in a realistic scenario. For example, having to sneak up to a very heavily armed base and take out a high ranking officer and making your escape to an extraction, being chased by hordes of AK-toting enemies. 2. Might be nice to see some "white" missions, battle on the side of a mountain, covered in snow... Perhaps some winter camouflaged specialists would be useful... 3. Aboard a ship or sub. mission could be to secure fire control system and engine room and sieze the bridge... 4. "Sky Marshall", quelling an aircraft hijack Location / Campaign ideas 1. North Korea invading South Korea 2. India invading Pakistan 3. Siberia 4. "War on terror" - any global location and a topical campaign... General ideas 1. Might be nice to have an element of environment damage, being able to blow open locked doors with grenades or being able to destroy a tree which is obscuring a shot 2. SA80 categorised as a riflemans weapon, not a demolitions expert! 3. An assualt shotgun would be a nice addition 4. Increased resolution in sniper mode. Currently on the xbox, it is very hard to see defined images through the sniper scope over about 250m. Given that the the true range of some of these sniper weapons is really 1000m+ this is a bit unrealistic. It might be a limitation of the xbox/tv combination???
  5. Why? What's the big difference? I can't imagine the graphics are much better. Mods would be cool but i hear there is a lot of cheating on-line... Maybe i need to experiment a little...
  6. thanks for that, it's a really cool website mate
  7. ahhh yeah, the sniper rifle from Grand Theft Auto Vice City! I didn't even know that was a real weapon...
  8. ahhh well, i've never played GR on the pc... dont think my notebook would be up to it! love it on xbox though... i only ever play xbox live these days - roll on the next installment!
  9. I'm not so keen on the L96 A1, pretty accurate but's it's got a slow rate of fire... 7.62 sniper (anyone knoe exactly what this weapon is?) is as accurate, if not more so and is semi-auto with a 20 round mag...
  10. 7.62 rifle VZ58 (czech AK) M4 SOCOM is my favourite over the MP5SD Even the good old M16, pretty accurate and decent stopping power. doesnt sound that great though Dont mind the OICW (or M29 as I believe it will called when it's in service). Very accurate but not as hard-hitting as i would like... the 20 mil cannon is ace SA80 aint too bad, quick re-aiming even while on the move M240G or M60 are my favourite LMG's, nothing beats the sound of that M60 in the tin shacks in Ghost Town (i've got a 200W 6.1 dts amp and the full array of speakers...) 7.62 sniper or silenced SR25 for the long-range stuff...
  11. yeah, thought not. hopefully it won't be too long. i think we need a campaign based in North Korea with lots of outdoor maps... Proper sniping missions would be cool too. Like having to sneak up to a heavilky armed base and take out a high ranking officer or something and making it back to an extraction...
  12. Island Thunder is Ghost recon 2 is it not? I just posted a topic below looking for any info on the 3rd GR for xbox...
  13. 2 days ago. Riverbed (island thunder). 266m with the 7.62 rifle. One shot. One kill.
  14. Ok guys, some of my comrades and I have started an island thunder xbox-live clan at teamcompete.com. There are four of us in at the moment and we are called The Generals. All four of us are regular top 20 players and we're looking for suitable (read "Good") players to join us. We're serious players and we're damn good. My tag is Lefty Guns, if you see me online (3 or 4 nights a week and at the weekends, UK time), join us for a bit of action and prove your talent.
  15. will this eventually make it to xbox?
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