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  1. Nice. Could you make AOR-2 uniform and a tan MK48 and Brettzies' M4/MK18 (also the holo)
  2. Can you share the 416 skin and the uniform skin? The link is dead
  3. Note: Please make the tan version If can, also make the flashlight in first pic
  4. Probably, a XH-60 (MH-X) Silent Hawk would be nice. It's a modified Black Hawk helicopter that used in Operation Neptune Spear (Raid on Osama bin Laden)
  5. How about making AOR-2/A-TACS, just like what the SEALs wear? (correct me if I'm wrong)
  6. I'm requesting to anyone that willing to make this mod for me. An AN/PEQ-15 Laser Designator as a working weapon attachment (if not working it's ok) and attached in top of rail. Also, it would be nice if compatible with Brettzies' Weapon Pack. I'll attach several pics later
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