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  1. i doubt anyone of modding capabilities still watches this forum but i'm going to throw this out here anyways I'd like to request a Springfield Tactical Response Operator Pistol that looks like this. full black color please https://referenceonly.files.wordpress.com/2011/06/full-rail-operator-with-light.jpg The second request is a black anpeq 15 that is either a left side attachment or built into the 5.56 rifle version of the magpul masada in the weapon masters mod. it doesn't matter if it works or not i just want it for cosmetic purposes. Thanks for anyone who does it
  2. so if you've read this post before i changed it i'll just say that i figured out the camo problem by just reskinning the dds files directly but the problem still remains with Beasley's and Ramirez's heads not showing up when i switched their models from the 3.0 outfits back to the 1.4-1.47 outfits which are the outfits that the mercs use but with the custom headgear. the headgear works fine but the actual heads don't render. I was able to fix it before by giving both of them Jenkins head but i can't seem to figure it out this time i'm not sure if anyone that can help me still watches this forum but any help would be greatly appreciated. I will update this post if i figure it out.
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