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  1. well done, both the SCAR-H and HK417 looked outstanding. But would you mind doing Mk17 SSR too? it's not just an Mk17 LB with a longer handguard, it is something that outperforms Mk14 and Mk11 in every single way, SEALs are its biggest fanboys. I would prefer to equip my sniper with Mk17 SSR instead of Mk17 LB as well.
  2. Could add Mk17 SSR in Mk17 family?
  3. New SCAR pictures. Waiting for DTD-SCAR MOD V2. http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2005smallarms/2005smallarms.html http://www.dtic.mil/ndia/2005smallarms/thursday/smith.pdf
  4. This is Mk43 MOD0. Not M60E4.
  5. WoW 3.0 is great! But I hope get more XM8 versions in GR. For example "XM8 with XM320 GL" or "DMR version" etc.
  6. XM8 in HK-USA office site http://www.hk-usa.com/pages/military-le/ri...rbines/xm8.html XM8 video http://www.hk-usa.com/video/Comments002.wmv http://www.hk-usa.com/video/XM8_auto.wmv
  7. suggest make Troy Ind SOPMOD M14 http://troyind.com/Sopmod/SOPMOD%20M-14.htm Moderator edit - Image was too wide for forum boundaries, link below: http://troyind.com/images/black_closed.jpg
  8. QBZ95 is 5.8mm cal , QBZ97 is 5.56mm cal. They magazine and magazine port is different. This is 95 This is 97
  9. I already change the icon. I meat is : No way to have both 2 and 3 round bursts in one MOD. Because M16A4 is 3rds
  10. I tried make 2-rds burst in GR's MOD. BUT all type burst use same icon.
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