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  1. Game type is mission it was set to spawn more enemy than what gr was used to gr on vet spawn 50 this script would do 80 i set it to do 140 this seams to only do it on certin maps tho not sure y... IF u still use igor i can send one of the org ones from the hx mod and one i done so you can look at set up.
  2. lol ok Its set as mission a defend When game starts ON some maps human spawn out with the enemy and not in our spawn (Intersection) but its chk box ok so y do i still spawn out with enemy.? ON other maps set only for these missions. The enemy is spawning ner or in the human spawn zone! I have moved all zones away from base except for what the trigger plan is set for there zone. To get a better idea open HX5 i think rising sun may b rong on that but i set these defends from the ones in this mod. All i done was move used the script to keep building the same but for other maps
  3. i think i just fig out wht wrong ok duh gotta move the whats is named mgun zone OK what will solv the spawning out in with the ai on odd areas and not in the intersection ?
  4. Im trying to set up defends missions using a script from HX5 the problem is that when it game starts team spawns in AI is generated they are in our spawn zone Y? And it only dose it on certin maps EXP! Took map set the trigerd plans like it is in script and on the org..mis from HX my set up is now like the hx map start it spawn good ai were ther to b and they attack all good take another map do the same thing but now im spawning out with the ai ahhhhhh ######!! i chk yup i have intersection no zone in the wrong area dam what is up OR i spawn at base BUT i have AI with me... NOW that the pr
  5. Need help with Defend mission script

  6. TY all i really hate to c a great game fade and some of us old farts still make time of an evening to do these defends. I made up 63 in all Kinda fun when u have 140 or 150 on VET attacking yr base. THEY do hit hard lol. Adding small features just adds to the mix of the fun got xfire??? fill free to add modderofc to update to what i need is 2 things on the mass defend missions i have most work great ai can take base all team members die it ends all ai wiped out games ends even some with the teleport works. BUT on a cpl the AI spawn ner the team spawn cant fig!! #2 how to add to
  7. Hey all Pops here im looking for some help!!! Back a few yrs ago when i had the Clan *OFC* NOT!!!=Ofc= I had redone some of the HX defends and upgraded to more AI and added a few maps...Me and a few old school players r trin 2keep this poor ol game alive and i have went threw and added a few more....Heres my prob In some of the maps the AI is spawning around the team spawn... I have moved and chk over n over each zone Now some are not listed as zones on the org map some have it as Point blah blah. but the point chk box is same on eather or Zone111 or Point111 What would make ai spawn
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