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  1. OK let's continue the general discussion in this thread to avoid off topic in the server thread. I had some multiplayer matches some minutes ago and it was pretty cool dispite the grenade launchers. They seem to be much less effective on the wide open maps. I had to die some times while running across the maps checking them as all maps are totally new to me but embassy which is quite similiar to it's remake in GRAW. I think this game will rock for me if I just got some experience and got to know the maps. Today I saw that Ghost Recon can be exactly what I was looking for even wi
  2. Yeh it sucked on that server yesterday, some guy called GW i think, was spamming me with grenade launcher at spawn on that alley map(4 times i was killed in like 4 seconds), it sucked, i complained to him but he just wrote LOL GW was on, too. I dont know, if he was one of the grenade launchers guys. I think I was nuked a lot of times by a guy call Maja or alike. So what...I dont want to blame anybody personally. Just wanted to mention that I never expected this kind of Call Of Duty grenade launcher gameplay in a game like Ghost Recon. However, I'll try again some times and will have a lo
  3. what is ociw gl? i know spawn camping / base raping from graw and thats really annoying, but these one second kills in GR where the top... maybe Im also not skilled enough with mouse and keyboard as Im a console / gamepad guy. but as GR doenst seem to be more tactical and slower than graw on xbox which, is also slowed down by fixed and low analog stick sensivity, i should go for team deathmatches on xbox and have my fun in coop missions and single player campaign with the original GR PC
  4. I have been online some minutes ago and got my first multiplayer experience. As i come from GRAW/2 on XBOX 360 I expected an even less fast paced gaming. I was surprised, how fast it was and that explosives are popular. Ive never seen grenade launchers and people bombing the alleys on urban maps all the time in GRAW on XBOX. Is this typical gameplay for Ghost Recon on PC? Spawn camping sucked even more than I know from console gaming as I had some one second lives on roadblock in a row. I think Ive got to come back again and check if this is always the way it is played. How funny I was ask
  5. Hi! As my XBOX Live contract has ended, I am thinking about to try the PS3 version. Are there still any guys online for some full lobby matches? Cheers! Julian
  6. Do you think this was quite standard back in these days and controls just improved with new games over the years? I can't remember any aiming issues when I played PC FPS as a teeanger when I was playing Quake and Quake 2 with my dudes via LAN. But these games even did'nt have any zoom. Well, I thnki I should just stop wondering about mouse sensivity, get used to it and just have fun with the (for me) new Ghost Recon. But it's good to hear that it is not a hardware issue or my newbie skills... ;-)
  7. Hi teppe, thank you for your welcome greetings. I am really looking forward to receiving my retail Ghost Recon complete and check if can join any matches with GameRanger. Hi all, how do you use voice chat? Does it work via GameRanger, too, or do you have Teamspeek servers or somethig like that? I hope I don't annoy you with my questions...I am a total newbie in playing PC games online, especially in playing games that can't be played via the original infrastructure.. ) I am going to check for some FAqs here and hope to see you one day on the battlefield... ;-) Cheers!
  8. Hi Wombat! Thank you for your fast reply. I have already tried several settings regarding the mouse sensivity and I can confirm that low sensivity settings help a lot with my precision problem, but I have never seen a first person view game that required such a low mouse sensivity to make it smooth like Ghost Recon. I think it must be typical for the GR series as the Gamepad Controls in GRAW/2 on the XBOX 360 are a bit choppy, too, especially when zoomed in. Maybe I as a console gamepad player also have to get used to aiming with a mouse that doesn't give smooth movements like an analog g
  9. Hi all, I need your help as I didn't find any help via Google and checking this forum. I am still waiting for my Ghost Recon retail game to arrive (just recognized this game as a must try some days ago and ordered on Ebay) and I started playing the Demo in the meantime. Ive got a 2009 low end notebook with an onboard shared memory GPU which generally should be very suitable for Ghost Recon. I can play 1366x768 with all details on high, gameplay is smooth, but the reticle feels very choppy. It feels like the "minimum distance" to turn is very big, so I have a problem with precise aiming
  10. Hi! I am new to Ghost Recon as I come from GRAW2 on XBOX 360 and just played the GR Demo by now. I have ordered GR Complete and already downloaded some mods, now I'm waiting for the game itself to arrive and install (i hope today). I'd like to get some online experience if there are newbie friendly guys online. I am from Germany and I would like to play in the evening 20:00pm - 23:00pm CET. Are there any servers and gamers busy at this time? Cheers! Julian
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