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  1. Is snake really older? From wht I gathered he's aging rapidly due to foxdie, since meryl, otacon and the other supporting characters has aged moderatly since mgs2
  2. I've kind of changed my POV when it comes to combat games, I'm really looking forward to see what blackfoot will give us in ground branch, but one of the best games I've played in my entire life was call of duty 4, I've never been so close to a playable action movie, great scripting, good story, perfect execution. To me, those elements are more important than the fact that the gameplay involves ever spawning enemies and a really unrealistic combat model. It was fun, it sucked me right in and when you see the final show off at the bridge I was in awe, the visuals, the music, everything made C
  3. I dont really get how mgs can be better than SC, the enemy is blinder, the storylines are whacked out beyond all sanity. There are robot ninjas everywhere, machines thats sounds like cows and it's WAY to japanese in style, no thanks, I'll pass. Realistic or not, I rather be playing splinter cell anyday...
  4. Why stay with DCS when falcon 4 still exists?
  5. I'd really like to see tacsim mod for this game, preferably as a navy seal team against the AI or similar...
  6. How can I start the game without it updating? I'm close to the end of mission 9 and I rather not start from the beginning...
  7. Good luck Christian, and btw, can you make the halo games grown up while you're at bungie
  8. Or it's one of those impossible things to fix since it doesn't seem to happen all that much and therefore they wont find the reason for it.
  9. Nope, still didn't work, I removed all my quicksaves, loaded the checkpoint save before the chopper picks us up but to no avail... I rather not mess up my progress by dl:ing savefiles so I'll guess I'll have to wait for 1.3 to keep on gaming, frakking nonsense bug...
  10. But not the checkpoints ones? or else I'll have to replay the entire level
  11. Uhm, I cant seem to get to next mission after I complete lvl 7, I get the mission debrief, but the only option I can choose is "return to menu"... I'm running graw 1.2 on a intel c2d 2.13 ghz, 2 gig ram, gf8800gts 320 mb and a creative xfi.
  12. This is the crashlog I get when trying to load my latest save in mission 7 after updating the game. EDIT: Seems it worked when I restarted the mission, the previous save was from an earlier install I had to redo becuase a unrelated computer error
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