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  1. Yeah, I think they are only bling as map objects IMO
  2. I think it would be useful to make new and up-to-date threads with active resources/DLs. Many of us seem to want to use the Russians so I suggest we try to list all the available resources in vanilla and in mods. If you add anything I will update the first post so it can be used as a reference for everyone. Dobri den! -------------
  3. I think all the resource threads need updating, they are like five years old! It would be useful for those of us who are failry new here and are active, if we could collect and list all the different kits, models, skins, weapons, vehicles- so that we know what we can re-use and what we would need to make from scratch.
  4. I agree, from the little I know of GR modding, it seems that it is simplest to expect to have a stationary ship which can't be walked on or in, which could be used for say, a harbour map. There are plenty of maps with beaches that could be used as a base to build on, I've been considering it myself but I'm still learning scripting right now, so it will have to wait.
  5. I hear you, I run a huge mod on another engine and I don't think I could do more than a few missions with already available stuff here. But maybe using the vehicles that exist is ok, I mean GR is not a realism game as much as we would like to think it is. Maybe it was once upon a time to fifteen year old standards, but not when you compare it to Arma2!
  6. I know this is a dead thread but it's a pretty dead forum and a dead game! Aren't the maps a bit small for ships? (I'm not trying to be funny) - i honestly don't know, I'd like to see ships too.
  7. Thanks Hammer, I really like your work. It's difficult to find vehicles that fit with the current British vehicles, there doesn't seem to be any current British camo schemes for actors either. I don't suppose anyone knows of something in the pipeline?
  8. According to C$K British Commandos mod there were plans to make these vehicles: Warrior Mechanised Fighting Vehicle, Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, EH101 Merlin Helicopter, Land Rover 110. I know that the Lynx appears somewhere, but I was wondering if any of the basics of the above found there way into some mod?
  9. I'd be up for it, but I think there are active clans with active dedicated servers. It would make more sense to try and start a forum and a system to bring all the clans into communication with each other again. I think most clans have just moved on to newer games.
  10. Does anyone know if there is a hardcode limit to how many men you can have in each fireteam? Basically I'd like to play with an 8 or 12 man squad/section which would mean adding more men to a fireteam than currently possible.
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