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  1. I left because the game lacks players. Theres like maximum 50 active players in total playing the game, and usually only 10 at the same time. I tried hosting tournaments, but then players started abusing the game with glitches. I simply gave up. I still love the game, but it needs an update to be playable. I really wish they would make a REAL ghost recon 2. sorry for closing down the dedi, but it is my private server and I needed it for something else. Thanks for all the good games:)
  2. Hey mate. This thread has aged a bit. I've already gotten Reconlog v3.16 can now be found here: http://www.gamersaddicted.com/grc/ReconLog.zip
  3. well the site is in spanish, and it has always been. which means others cant join it atm.
  4. New website with GRC League is launched! The website url remains the same. The server is still running on the same IP and dns aswell.
  5. What???? We have a league operating in Chile for some time, players from Chile, Argentina, Venezuela and Mexico compete in this league. Global competition aim to do this with the support of Ubisoft to South America this year. cya Sounds to me like this is a league only for south americans. I've seen a few leagues where spanish is the main language, which is a big problem for europeans and americans. Now we do have an international league again. I haven't seen an active league since 2010. Whats the URL to your league?
  6. c00l. looking forward to play you:)
  7. I'm getting there;) Just updated the signup system. Much easier to sign up for whatever you want now. Tomorrow I expect there to be some new 1v1 players in the league that I can play matches against!!
  8. Hey guys! New website with league tables and everything is now done. It is ready for some action!! Join up at www.ghostreconcommunity.co.nr Regards etreX DIE HARD GR FAN!!
  9. OK, currently theres 6 teams signed up, and a few players looking for someone to play with. 5,5 hours till tournament starts. We launch it even if we only get 6 teams, but would be nice to fill it up!
  10. 3 slots left guys!!!! im looking forward to this! SIGN UP ASAP;D
  11. 2 teams have signed up now. 6 to go
  12. teams pick one map each. ergo u can choose mountain stronghold if u want if u read the rules. I tried to make it as fair and fun as possible
  13. ofcourse nice! I'll remember that till next tournament then, maybe host it a few hours later.
  14. changed it to the brand GRC now, i didnt mean first GR tournament in general ofcourse. Nice! What's the time for you in Texas at 18:00 CET?
  15. First GRC tournament ever, starting on Sunday 17th March at 18:00 CET. 8 teams! 2v2 READ MORE AND SIGN UP IN OUR FORUMS at www.ghostreconcommunity.co.nr NEED MATE TO PLAY WITH? POST IN THE "NEED MATE FOR 2v2" THREAD IN FORUMS
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